Fitzwater gone


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In what way?

You don’t agree to a loan / publically - and then go back on it.

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Ok, just wanted clarification on why you thought that. Can’t disagree, but would be interested to know why they don’t want to send him back.

I would suggest there never was a loan agreed. We are just so amateur, and this is the result.

I know for a fact we were begging clubs for players last season because we refuse to pay wages - this is what happens - clubs like WBA will put their interests first, and sod us. And I don’t blame them.

My biggest concern is why the club stated:

“Fellow Baggie Jack Fitzwater has been recalled by Albion for their FA Cup tie against Wigan, after which he will rejoin Walsall on loan until the end of the season”

That’s pretty unambiguous. Either there was a signed loan contract or there wasn’t. If there wasn’t why are they lying to us?


I bet we are paying next to nothing for him, couple with what they see as pretty dire coaching and they thought enough is enough.

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I suspect you’re spot on with both reasons. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to another league one club on loan, who agree to pay a good percentage of his wages. Based on last season’s form, he’d do a job for someone who coaches him correctly.

Yep. What I don’t get is why the club stated he was coming back. You just can’t operate a pro club like that.

We could say Ronaldo was gonna sign for the rest of the season, but if it’s not true it’s not true. What a shambles of a club

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I guess we won’t know unless they decide to tell us. Most loans have a recall clause - maybe they got him back to the club and either weren’t impressed with what they heard and saw from him or they’ve arranged another loan, so they’ve invoked the recall? Abraham at villa is in a similar situation.

Is it just 3 clowns

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Errr why is this disgraceful. Hes been absolutely rubbish all season anyway. Glad hes gone

Alarm bells were ringing for me when it said he was recalled to play in the cup game and was un-used sub.

Disappointing but yes he’s West Brom player so that’s the risk with loan players I’m afraid.

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And he was good last season. Doesn’t that tell you that something is wrong at Walsall this year perhaps? Either the defensive tactics are way off(!) or he’s not happy with the way he’s been personally handled at the club. It could be something entirely different of course, something affecting him personally, but you don’t go from decent player to bad one overnight

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But… hes been rubbish anyway… part of a defence that concedes pretty much 3 goals a game

Defence isn’t about 4 players at the back. Defence is about how you set up as a team and support each other in defensive duties

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West brom probably watched Martin coach him :rofl:

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His ability isn’t the point. It’s the fact the club clearly stated that he would be rejoining us for the rest of the season, have found out otherwise during the week and just decided to allow a vaccum of speculation to build up unnecessarily.


Joe Masi has confirmed on Twitter that the original loan deal was a season long one, and that WBA activated the break clause.

Why we have to drag this out of an E&S reporter via twitter, instead of being told it openly by the club, I don’t know