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Fitzwater gone


Just read that Keates article. Doesn’t sound great at all.

It’s gone from two maybe three this week to we will replace Martin if we can.

If we can? What the hell does that mean? Got to be financial so that tells me they aren’t willing to add Martin’s wages back into the wage bill. Joke of a club.


I wonder if Deano has blown the budget on what we already have? and bonzo has said “manage what you have got because there is no more money”?




How can he have? We are talking about replacing a player that has left? Surely it’s a case of using those freed up wages in the budget. Martin was a free and has left on a free. He was probably on a decent wage as well considering his profile.


Unless they’ve paid up his contract…


More fool them if they have.


It’s worrying, because money dictates the quality and attitude of the players you bring in, it seems to me that we will end up with the same quality and attitude on the pitch as we have in the kiosks and bars.


I believe it was mutual consent? Rather than released.

I thought the distinction between the two was that because it benefits both parties there is no pay out. I could be wrong though.


Article was that he left to spend more time with his family , he certainly wouldn’t get a pay out for those reasons.

Pretty sure the club have also confirmed that Dean has funds to sign players this month.


I think you’re right with that. Would be a complete joke if it was paid up.


Must have been the Wolves defender Ethan Ebanks-Landell who he missed out on, as he preferred a move to that mighty massive club up north Rochdale.

Or might have been Ben Purrington who went to Charlton, Paudie O’Connor, went to Bradford or Jimmy Dunne from Burnley to Sunderland.

The only centre halves who moved to league one clubs last week, as far as I can see.


It will be last minute dealings I suspect. Last year Fitzwater, Bielik and N’goy all came last day of the window didn’t they?

The Wimbledon match is off with them stil in the cup so just Gillingham match between now and deadline day, would be worse if there was 3 or 4 matches just going with what is in the squad now.


Gillingham and Plymouth


We cannot keep paying Conference/league two wages and expect to sign “experienced league one” players like Deano keeps sayings he wants. League one players cost league one money, there’s no way round it. The daft thing is that if you were talking about signing a proven league one goalscorer, then I could almost understand us struggling (although back in the day we never used to), but we’ve done the hard part in taking a chance on Cook, which has paid off. Getting in decent defenders should be the easiest and cheapest part of putting a team together. We’ve consistently failed to do this since the Smith team broke up and we couldn’t compete with the likes of Lincoln for Wilson, or Swindon to re-sign our own squad players. As difficult a task as it was to replace last season’s league two standard back four, it should have been our number one priority in the summer. Here we are in the next transfer window and we have last years back four less Fitzwater. Farcical.


Yes, all were signed last day of the transfer window. So there is still some time left to sign someone new. But I think there can be small money problem, very little, minuscule problem. Both gaffers (previous and current one) overspent, so little left in coffers.


the player i mentioned last night is Liam Ridgewell wages proving a problem at the moment but not dead in the water yet.


Absolutely gobsmacked at this :roll_eyes:




Beggars belief dunnit?


Released from his MLS contract 4 days ago. Not sure how relevant his performances in that are to equipping himself in League One. And not sure how much experience of playing in division three he has anyway. Not exactly going to hit the ground running.