Fixtures 20/21

So no trip to Harrogate even if we were allowed in to watch.

If we do get allowed in from 1st October (as was hinted at but not exactly promised), that means we will miss:

Sheff Wed (H)
Bristol Rivers (A)
Grimsby (H)
Harrogate (A - but Doncaster not Harrogate)
Orient (H)

The good news is that it’s on the 2nd not the 1st.

If we can be allowed in from 1st October why not 1st September? The virus has practically dis appeared from vast swathes of the Country and it is now clear that transmission largely takes place in households.

Haha there I was cursing Harrogate as first away without realising they were playing at Donny. Quite a trek if fans were allowed to go and have a look around (and sample the local hostelries) with getting the one an hour rattler from York and back and then the train down to Donny to a miles out of town ground. Ah well.

Others of note. Barrow on a Wednesday night, Newport away on a Tuesday night (again) and Oldham away on a Tuesday night (again). Exeter and Crawley are also midweek away games.

Not really a great run. Bolton away on March 20th looks a realistic option as that’s a big old stadium and away end. I wonder about Mansfield on October 31st aswell as that away end holds about 2k although would take a big following given the long wait so probably not.

Interesting looking at the home games from March onwards: Barrow (small following), Tranmere (decent following but midweek), Harrogate (small), Forest Green (need I say), Salford (ditto) and Morecambe.

Club going to lose a bit of money with some of the divisions bigger away followings in the early few months, Grimsby would’ve taken a couple of hundred for opening day.

All in all not great. Part of me wants to stay down one more year in league 2 to write these wrongs, the other part wants an unstoppable march into the top 3 and get back to the relative safety of Burton and Coventry.

Likewise, couldn’t have been worse really.

At the risk of sounding like a moaning old git, in the last couple of weeks I’ve gone from really looking forward to the football restarting (booked every Saturday off in October), to the stage where I might just knock it on the head, at least until the insanity is over, or maybe even full stop I don’t know. Strange feeling as I’ve never not watched live football.


I have sympathy for your point of view W1 but think September is too early, they were only talking on the news on Monday of Birmingham going into a local lockdown.

They’ll hold the test events throughout September and we’ll then see where we are at. Hopefully then some fans in from October and take it from there.

I think we can forget any away games before at least Christmas…


Who is to say it will be any better in October though. Birmingham has 30 cases per 100,000 . Should we really stop outdoor activities on that figure. I don’t think so but then I know that I am more of a calculated risk taker than some.

Ian Holloway on Talksport just now saying Grimsby are nowhere near ready to start the season, aren’t they one of the promotion favourites?

Could be a double bluff of course.

Edit: Just had a look at their squad. Not the biggest but still got James Hanson and Matt Green upfront and just signed George Williams on a 2 year deal who was a good player for Forest Green. Certainly a double bluff.

It’s really nice to see a fixture list again, games will be coming thick and fast and we don’t have the biggest squad in the league.
I hope the lads get to match fitness quickly otherwise I can see injuries costing us.
I’m not deliberately trying to be negative at all, but am looking at this realistically as to what could happen with a small squad of players playing possibly 3 games a week.

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We’re doomed :weary:

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Carlisle away on the last day ffs.

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The away game at Barrow is on Saturday 24 October. The clocks go back that weekend so an extra hour’s sleep to recover from the journey.

You’ll need more than an extra hour to recover from spending an afternoon in Barrow :laughing:


Can’t muster any enthusiasm myself for the fixtures as I doubt we will see much before Christmas.:frowning:


Exactly what I thought, what a bummer, even tranny may not be possible but I have been there loads over the years so not too fussed about that one compared to the other 3.
I look forward to a weekend in Carlisle next May then!!

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The way it looks and feels at the moment, I can’t see away fans being allowed back this season at all, it may run on longer than that. We can’t see in to the future, but every time you hear or read anything about it all, it all seems so negative. Boxing Day would have been great too.

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Yes sadly I tend to agree even though I hope otherwise and that I might get to some games towards the end of the season.

The fixtures normally come out in June. Anybody got an idea why they are so late this year?


Me too. Not going to be much fun celebrating promotion if we can’t be there :wink: