Fixtures and Cup Draws Published Today

Big day tomorrow with the fixtures being published for what is hoped will be a season we climb out of this awful division.
Sutton (a), or the Poolies, anyone?

Got to be Vale surely?

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Home game for me , get as many in the ground as possible.

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You’ll be lucky, they’ve just launched a new Delta+ Covid flavour, that’s apparently even more delicious and catchable.


With the draws for the League Cup and EFL Trophy also to be made tomorrow afternoon.

With usual EFL logic we are in the Northern half for the first round of the league cup and a Southern group in the trophy!

We have been placed with Forest Green and Northampton in our group with one of the invited under 21 teams to be drawn into the group tomorrow so will be one of Arsenal, A.Villa, Brighton, Chelsea, C.Palace, Southampton, Spurs, West Ham.

Kiss goodbye to away games then!

vale at home for me.

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Thanks Stig. I’ve edited the thread title to reflect the cup draws.
An August League Cup trip to Blackpool would be nice

Northampton and Forest green so far in the Mickey mouse cup

Newport not in midweek for once would be good.

(Watch it be on international weekend and then be moved to Friday as Wales are playing on the same day!)

Pools away would be nice, or maybe Harrogate given that we didn’t get to go last season. Apart from that Rochdale away for the promotion omen, or just any home game.

Mainly, just to be able to go without any covid nonsense AT ALL.


Loves me a night out in Newport I do, If I could I’d be there now in a minute.

Northampton away again first game

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What a brilliant atmosphere that was Scooby , didn’t the Northampton fans say it was the best away support they’d seen there .

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I just hope Vale away is whenever we are able to go and before Clarke gets sacked. Preferably the day before he gets sacked.


I would rather face the fail when we have played together a few times and the players have got to know each other better, because when the boys we have signed click there will be no stopping us


Awesome atmosphere mate wish we’d have known then that Darrell was a waste of time so we didn’t lose over 18 months of our lives but hay ho look what we have now :+1:t2:


Think you have been put under the spell of the badgeman chunks , what you are trying to say is " when we gel"

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Completely agree Pingu. It’s a bit strange but I have no empathy or sympathy for Clarke at all. But if I met Brian Dutton I’d happily buy him a pint and be genuinely interested in how is is getting on. I’d even thank him for stepping into the breach for what was obviously a transitional phase for the club managing players who knew their future lay elsewhere in what was an effectively dead rubber of a four months.

I honestly believe that we should be thankful to Brian for bridging those months for us and I’d hope that if ever we come across him again we show him the respect he deserves.

Clarke however - Vale away - bring it on.


First game is…

Tranmere away