Flags in the ground

Bradford had loads wonder if the club would let us put our flags on the empty seats


Seen this at many grounds, but it’s a ‘no no’ at our ground, our No.1 fan would never allow it, or is he ‘perhaps’ no longer pulling the strings anymore? We shall see.

Would rather see people

Me too, all this ‘practice match’ format is depressing, it’s not what football is all about, without fans it’s all so pointless.

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Not if you’ve got good wonga on.

I’ve placed a couple of wads on Orange man to be president again and Bolton to win our league…think I seem to be on a losing streak!
Just wish we could be playing away to Huddersfield more often, always come away from those defeats loaded!!

■■■■ me Ancient :wink:
There’s more chance of D.C. playing the same 11 two games on the trot than that maniac getting re-elected
What price did you get? 500-1?

It’s a lot closer than that.

Quite tight odds surprisingly! Think a lot of money is being placed for him winning a lot of ‘votes’ similar to those that were ‘placed’ for the dictator of Belarus. Looking forward to the lottery for Saturdays match, another mish-mash of strange selections in defence (do we EVER think he will get it right?)… :wink:

I suppose so. Having lived in Alabama I can confirm that they have many times more imbeciles than we have :wink:


Talking to Andy roper today , Walsall wood president, former chairman, he said 300 fans aloud in there ground ,at 20% capacity, so why on earth can’t grounds across the country do the same ,with respect surly league grounds would be much more organised than none league grounds. It just doesn’t make sense

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There’d be a Cyprus flag, guaranteed.


Did anyone bother asking the club about this?

Not sure, will put it to them though.

You only need one flag, in the centre circle as Graeme Souness proved:

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I’ve asked the club about flags and they’ll get back to me in the next week or so when the safety officer is back.

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Thanks Rob

Had one made just before all this kicked off so would be nice to put it to use