Floods of urine and years in third tier, are Walsall one of most boring clubs?

Just saw this off facebook dont remember this in the paper thought this bit was interesting if ture why are we struggling so much when other clubs havent got this . this past year is a one off we have never seen before but why cant we do better than we have been earning that much money .

The crucial point of this investment — and the rent — is the club gets 100 per cent of the commercial revenue from use of those facilities. Coventry doesn’t get that at the Ricoh. I’ll give an example of how advantageous this is. The owner bought and put up a huge digital signboard — the largest in Europe — outside the stadium, overlooking the M6, so we could make additional advertising revenue.

“Our rent went up £20,000 a year for that but we turn over £500,000 from that sign.

“We generate and keep all the profits from everything we do — whether it be from hiring out our facilities, advertising revenue from the digital sign or holding the weekly Sunday market. We turn over £1.5m from conferences and events.”

So the sign covers jeffs rent

So why are we as skint as everyone else ?? But underperforming

How many other clubs our size in this division and above can boast 1.5m of turn over from their facilities ? I know that’s not profit but it must generate additional margin or what’s the point

So pre Covid
And post Covid

Where’s the money going ??

My view … it’s mis managed


I posted it on the Fans page lol

Lol didnt now that was you just found it interesting dont remember it at all love how Stefan Gamble said: “The chairman feels he has done enough talking over the past 27 years lol when :rofl: :rofl:


No. The turnover is £500k. After depreciation, maintenance and cost of power, plus marketing cost, you get the profit. Probably £20,000 a year knowing Uncle Jeff’s business acumen, as he negotiated with himself…


Because this income has evaporated:

Sounds about right.

This regime has took the piddle for years.

Keep up, I posted it on one of the Pomlett threads about two days ago! :joy:

Yeah two years on and nothing has changed bar a much worse team in a similar position a division lower. Gamble’s comment about wanting to be a championship club again says it all.

Coventry finally remember despite their off field issues to get in a decent manager and some good players so you can still rise back up the leagues even if you’re a mess behind the scenes.

Credit to I think Rob Harvey off here from approaching some of the nationals and getting that type of story in the national press to dispute the well run club narrative.