FLY THE FLAG (but not at Barnsley)

I see one of our young fans was not allowed to take a flag into Oakwell on Saturday because…it would be a fire hazard!!! Now I am not aware of anyone selling self igniting flags but they are a rather strange lot up there…his dad was not amused.
Better news Nicky Devlin is to meet the young lad before the Donny game and give him some goodies. Well done Nicky.


Strange club Barnsley

Everything is a potential fire hazard, including match day programmes!!!
Anyway, isn’t Arthur Scargill from Barnsley? The old joke “Save fuel burn Arthur Scargill” springs to mind.

I am sure I saw some people standing outside at half-time smoking. Why were these people not stopped and searched and their inflammatory items removed, as they undoubtedly posed a fire hazard to the rest of us?

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Following this logic then surely stewards at the Barnsley away end will soon be insisting that away fans strip down to nowt due to the potential fire hazard of their garments.

Only the steward distantly related to Saigon Saddler.

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LOL, you can never be too careful with soiled combustibles.

What about the 20 odd Barnsley flags been waved as the teams walked out for kick off? Clear example of discrimination against away fans.

We should all show our support for this young fan, I" m dusting off my old Cypriot flag to take to the game!!

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Long time viewer of the site and now finally posting…

It was my son who had the issue with his flag. Really bizarre situation and it still doesn’t make sense now as the flag is smaller than what Barnsley have stated requires a safety certificate. Strange club! Apparently there is no national ruling on what can be permitted and its at the discretion at each club (that was shared by the Walsall safety officer).


Welcome aboard…yes a very strange club indeed. Still I am sure he enjoyed the game in which from all accounts we competed well with a fancied side.

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Tbh mate i think some of the stewards football clubs employ would struggle to get a job retrieving trolley’s at a supermarket :wink:


Similar to Walsall Council always being run by inadequates who in real life would struggle to hold down a job cleaning the bog`s.

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I know i worked for them for over 30 years :rofl::wink:

Bet you remember Brian Powell and his cronies. Used to hold there own council meetings in the back room of the Bakers Arms on Caldmore Green :wink:

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