Flynn Hokey Cokey

So, if he goes and gets his next club promoted, as did DC, he has issues with positivity and motivating players?

I dont see it. How on earth is it possible? Its not them with a problem - its us

I did not expect (after the hartlepool game) for us to be where we are now, but obv that was a false dawn due to how bad Hartlepool are.

You do not expect us to be flirting with the bottom 3 but we are.

10 games is usually when things start to settle down and judge how things are going, well our 10th game is against Tranmere, not an easy game at all and we could be 19th or 20th at that point, or if we win just one place better off than we are now.

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Not yet. We desperately need players back from injury.

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Perhaps you are right but I am just so fed up with the lot of it and ready to give up.


Toys out the pram time again is it? This website does make me laugh :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


DC slagged his players off when he was here, maybe thinking that was the way to motivate them. It didn’t work. I don’t know if he did the same at Vale last season, but the set up there is different to here and probably the atmosphere around the club is also. They have a DOF for example.
Flynn, having got rid of loads of players at the end of last season, is now publicly telling his players that they aren’t good enough, and that they are his fifth, sixth or seventh choices. Coupled with the constant reference to other managers’ being backed by their boards comments, I cannot see how that is the way to motivate the players, particularly when things aren’t going to plan.

It is well accepted that Flynn was the main reason for Fullerton leaving, as he wanted full control of all football matters.

Time for him to step up, or this won’t end well.


Who the hell are you?

Toys out the pram?

We are 15th in L2 and no wins in 9.

Jog on.


Michael Flynn suggested Jack Earing is still building fitness after lack of pre-season.

Hmmm after 9 league games still building fitness, Maddox arrives 8 games into the season with no pre season and starts.


1.) Pulls ear
2.) wipes nose with hand
3.) avoids eye contact
4.) Says, “Look…”
5.) looks angry

It’s a broken record at the moment…


Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for the past 5-6yrs?

The wife has just turned to me and commented “why the hell do you put yourself through this week in week out, your like a bear with a sore head every Saturday & Tuesday evening”.
Yes, why are we doing it? This constant same old same old gets very waring eventually.
I’m sorry but I believe Flynn has lost confidence, and this has been passed down to the players, of whom he constantly berates…what about your team choice/tactics/verbal lack of confidence that we can haul ourselves out of this mess?


he’s not gonna build fitness being stuck on the bench the whole game :sweat_smile:

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Rory Holden also disappeared :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:


Did Flynn do enough? What was said?

Its interesting that many are hanging their hats on Wilko coming back soon. Flynn was expecting him to be out for far longer and should have hired footballers without Wilko in his plans.

Untimately he and the board as a collective failed. Joint responsibility for getting strikers and creative players in.


It is mate I know it is I just feel that Flynn is the best chance of getting us where we want to be.Once we get players back and once he stops moaning about it we will start to get some better results.I just think this time we need to stick with him because after him I’m not sure where we go.That’s probably my overriding feeling tbh the last bit I said.


In League 1.

His tactics and selections are awful.

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Flynn’s interview

It’s not going to end well because the club isnt set up to succeed mate. The way we operate as a football club has to change from the foundations up and none of that has happened. Continually changing the manager is like putting a plaster over a leg amputation. LP comes out, shares the latest rebirth story - sells a few season tickets but then nothing tangible actually changes in the way we run the club.

Like I have said on the match thread I’m getting to the point where I’m absolutely sick to death of discussing the failings of Walsall Football Club.

My main point is how can we question managers attitudes, ability to motivate players and general ways of operating etc etc when they have had success before they come to us - and then go on to have success after! Literally the season after!

The rot is so deep at Walsall that anything but a total root and branch clean sweep and we will keep ending up right back in this position.


A good percentage of that is the lack of choice available to him through injuries.I do get it mate I really do like I’ve said just who do we go to after this?

Trivela, if they are serious, need to get their own person in to run the place.

I actually thought there was merit in a DoF role, it’s just that it was the Walsall board, with their dire record, running the recruitment and therefore appointing completely the wrong person.

A present chairman, a new board, a proper DoF and we can start to properly reverse the seven years of compounded failure.

Flynn is the product of a board who by their own admission aren’t football experts. So he has been given free hand, backed and is failing quite miserably.

And whilst the injuries don’t help, I think we saw enough of Wilkinson to know that there was a bit of Andy Cook attitude in his DNA - I doubt Matty Taylor will be sending him Christmas cards. Riley and Gordon are the others who have some good credentials but I’m not sure those credentials are enough to turn this side around. We shouldn’t see returning players as a panacea as I wouldn’t rule out Flynn seeing Kinsella, Comley and Labadie as his dream midfield ( I wish I was joking!!).