Flynn Out

Far better body language and actual language from Flynn following last nights game.

His pecker seemed up. Maybe it’s just one player returning or maybe it’s that we gave a better account of ourselves.

Whatever, he needs to maintain that spirit.


Possibly someone has had a word.


Certainly does because at this moment in time we have yet again become a team that expects to lose every game, yes we can play well at times, but actually scoring still seems like an unfathomable problem, if you don’t score you can’t win. And, we do continue to lose
Can we stop the rot on Saturday? Certainly hope so but Flynn MUST find a way to reverse this negativity that haunts our club.

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Hope so.

Anyone who had led other people know that sometimes you just have to bury your own mood and talk things up to your team. Not in a bullshit way but in a way that makes people around you feel better about being there.

The extra key is having a network where you can safely dig that mood up away from your team and have a bit of a vent in a safe environment. I think Flynn has that in Hatswell at work.


Yeah. I think missing out on a few players and the pressure of this poor run of results took its toll on him, that’s the only explanation I can think of for him having a face like a smacked arse for the past few weeks.

I also hope someone has told him to pipe down a bit and get on with the job in hand. I do still believe he will turn things around but only if his heart is in it and it was beginning to look like it wasn’t.

We aren’t a million miles away but the reliance on Johnson to stick the ball in the net is a big problem that he needs to find a solution for if we are to move up the table.

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May as well keep Flynn, to January at least and give him our full support in the meantime.

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Yeah no doubt DJ is good but then he’s only really come in to replace Wilkinson who was the experienced forward signed last summer.

Are the others signed so far better than Kieran Phillips? That’s the metric.

And looks a struggle for Williams to get the double figures Miller eventually staggered to in the end so to me I don’t think forward line is as strong as 12 months back which is pretty worrying.

We still have Wilkinson though, okay he’s injured but he’s still on the wage bill and we were originally signing DJ on a permanent deal.

Don’t think Phillips really did much here to be honest.


This is where I am - and in my opinion calling for his head is saft.

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Still too soon?

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Not sure now tbh.

For me he is awful
I’d forgive him if I saw anything in him
I don’t
He doesn’t seem to ever know what he is even doing and has signed a lot of rubbish
Flynn out now before it’s relegations battle

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But who next on the whole Saddlers carousel? Can’t keep rinsing and repeating.

It’s a case of when not if we’ll be a national league club


I honestly don’t know now…… can anyone actually lift us! That’s Clarke and Flynn now who are “proven” at this level. The problems lie deeper here


We are letting pomlett off again with this - pomlett out


Hold on! Ben Boycott and Trivela know jack shit about football, so they are being advised. Who are they being advised by?! Oh yeah Leigh Pomlett and the Bonser Babes haha.

Kinell man it really aint rocket science why these age old issues never seem to improve. Get out now Flynn and get yourself to a club set up to succeed. You wont look back - Clarke isn’t!


Have done for years and years

Pomlett, Mole, Gamble and Whalley all need to go and have done for ages

Club is rotten from top to bottom


And take the rest of your useless ***ts with you


Totally agree

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From the minute Stevenage scored in the 100th minute something has gone badly badly wrong behind the scenes/on the pitch.

You don’t go this long without a league win if everything is hunky dory anyway.