Focus Meeting - 16th January

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So any signings will before this then to make every one happy we will sign someone on the 15th then :rofl:

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Might be quite a rocky event. I am very keen to hear what comes from that…

Good news. I look forward to a constructive and positive meeting.

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You’ll not be going, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ask pomlett if he fancies paying our best players more than 600 quid a week to stay:wink:


I hope to be there and as you know I am always constructive and positive!:grinning:


Didnt even see this… My bad! Delete mine Exile…

Hopefully mole,gamble,clarke,pomlett and the new bar manager are all their so all questions can be answered there n then.

Who is going then?

Ill be there, looking forward too it tbh,

Wanna hear and ask some interesting questions

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I can’t make this but I’d be really grateful if someone would ask DC, in his infinite footballing wisdom, what arcane reasons he has for keeping us poor dumb supporters in the dark on, well, everything really - but injuries in particular. Does he really think it gives him some sort of advantage?
I know it means sod all really but it gets right on my tits…


I do find his ‘keep cards close to his chest’ mantra a bit weird myself, especially when he himself is aware of the issues it causes amongst the fan base. In his Sky interview the other week he was talking about keeping rovers fans in the loop about the club ownership/direction the club was going in and how important it was for him to do so:

“People who know me see it how it is. For me, a football club is all about the fans so the message has to get out to them. They pay their money so you have to keep them informed, within reason, as to where the football club is progressing to because that’s where unrest comes if you don’t.”

So why so shady about EVERYTHING Darrell? I can understand not giving out every little detail i.e. Player X is definitely available for Saturday, but it does wind me up a bit knowing diddly squat about most things on the playing side.

I was talking to my lad earlier who asked if I would take him, got me thinking does anyone else think Pomlett will have good news about the ground ownership, as he managed to secure a loan, has he found a few pals to invest etc etc.
I think something positive will be announced on the night, why else have they called it, not gonna call a gathering to be ranted and raved at and create more bad feeling ?
I suppose we’ve only got a couple of days to wait and we’ll know but (maybe being too optimistic) I reckon they’ll be some good news.

There’s usually one this time of year.

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I want to know if the club are serious about getting out of the division sooner rather than later at the moment it doesn’t look like it when we can’t compete with the likes of Forest green for players.

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The problem with these ‘focus’ meetings is that they don’t have much ‘focus’. Would be better if there was a pre-compiled list of questions for the first 30-45 minutes (so all the major issues are covered) before an open forum where Graham from Pelsall can ask where he left his scarf after the Carlisle game.


Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else but here’s an interview with LP ahead of the fans focus meeting - most interesting comment for me was

“Once established in League One and we’ve re-united this club with it’s freehold, all those steps have to be taken and then we can look at preparing the club for the Championship.

“My plan is for it to be a five year plan.

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Wishful thinking. Hope you are right though.

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Agreed on the comment…looks like he is saying he plans for the freehold to be in the Club’s hands within 5 years so we can then have a realistic chance of building for the Championship…
My view is that it is ok having long term aims but fans look at the short term too…a promotion and/or good cup runs in the next 2 years would be good for morale and help us get to the 5,000average he talks about.
Having said all that it is good to see him comment and attending focus meetings which is a big change from his predecessor.

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