Focus Meeting Live Feed


For those who can’t make it tonight, some updates from those attending would be appreciated.

Some interesting reading here, also…


working away tonight but respect to all those attending - hope your presence there stimulates some honest debate!

As others have posted on separate threads - I hope they won’t try to patronise you (us) with self gratification on a number of signings (as obviously positive as that is…)

As we all know, the focus is on change and the future of the club for the fans and for the town…

Good luck everyone and keep calm and collected :wink:


Can’t make it tonight as I live in Cardiff. Hope it’s the start of a successful campaign. Keep it civil and sensible … if at all possible


Well I’m here and it’s filling up


How many do you estimate Chunkster?


Ifollow not covering this?:wink:

Got the popcorn anyway and looking forward to what’s said.


About 100 @Coop63 when I said slow it looks like the flow has stopped


Cheers for the update - all the best for an interesting exchange of views!


Just seen on the One Pod Beyond feed there moans about the pissy bogs and state of the Bescot Bar.
Apparently it’s been answered that it’s been noted and contracts are being looked at. Also the Bescot Bar will be looked at in the summer.

I’ll remind people what they said on this subject in the meeting with Bonser … almost a year ago!


Fans asked questions regarding the stadium infrastructure and improvements. The club are to undertake work during the summer in the toilets and the Bescot Bar to improve these facilities.”



Would it be unreasonable to ask for specifics - improvements last time meant painting the floors (on which fresh p****) can then flow and hot water. Hardly improvements IMO


Fully expecting to get the usual “being looked into in the summer” rhetoric that we usually get palmed off with tonight. Plenty of words and hypotheticals but no actual tangible action plan for any of the concerns raised.

We need change.


And indeed, it appears we’ve so far had:

“Mole admits the Bescot Bar needs looking at and is a bad way.”
“Gamble admits the club need to improve marketing of free kids deal”
“Mole agrees that the prices are excessive”
And the perrenial gem of “Jeff is happy to talk about selling up (with the caveat that the club aren’t actively looking for a buyer :joy:)”

So why the ■■■■, if they know all this already, have they not done anything about it already? Why has it been allowed to get this bad? What are they doing? This sounds like it’s exactly the same as the last fans focus, only this time we actually like the manager and they can’t wheel him out to deflect attention off them.

No discernible action plan, just vague “we agree, we’ll look into it”

Deja vu, so very stale. Change needed more than ever.


Brimming with passion for innovation, change and creativity?


The only brimming is coming from the direction of the toilets …


I honestly feel they say it but don’t understand it needs to be actioned.

They literally feel that it’s acceptable to fob off the fans to get them through another meeting and it’ll die down again

We need to ramp up the pressure so they realise this isn’t acceptable and their words mean nothing…

They agree agree agree but no commitment to do anything - it’s not good enough and we want answers with solutions not platitudes


There are four trustees on the Suffolk Life Pension Fund - Jeff Bonser and his wife, Jeff’s brother and his wife…


None of those will vote for change then eh?


Not with £440,000 rolling in each year.


Exactly - it’s like asking Turkeys to vote for Xmas

Talking of turkeys… is Jeff there?


Yeah, he’s sat next to Lord Lucan.