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Good summary and it is easy to forget what the numbers said in the early years of the Millennium.
A Balance Sheet at year end we mustn’t forget is a picture of one day and one day only. God knows what the other 364 days represent but we all know the profit has been “managed” to be in credit as a presentational tool to identify the “well managed club” concept in recent years and (just perhaps) to show the external viewer or buyer that it can be achieved.
The argument JB will no doubt use against current external criticisms is that without his Directors Loans (that he seems to be trying to reduce steadily by transfer fees when he can) the club would have a problem.
Valuing a football club is fraught with issues. Ask Jack Hayward if he was still with us!
It’s ironic that most of the clubs in League one and two and below probably look at our Balance Sheet with some envy!
There is no doubt some real financial technical goodwill worth in the Club and a year round revenue stream that the off field revenue enhances and if we did a planned closedown tomorrow the playing staff is worth a few bucks. If Baka is worth £200K you do the sums!
The real worth is the future potential though.
If we found a buyer or decent consortium that believed in the future and were prepared to take the land and the club at a sensible value and brought some hope and freshness and investment then who knows?
Bournemouth did it and if you asked anyone 20 years ago they would have said that was impossible.


Sorry mate can’t agree, but totally respect your oppinion


Thats ok…I respect yours too.


The figures are not up for discussion


But you keep saying and furnishing pointless figures stating the club is worthless , where do you think his money comes from,


Post redacted


Uncle Jeff paid a quid for the club, buying it off the receivers around the same time he acquired the stadium, for around £249,000.


If Boner put the club up for sale got a quid, there would be takers, including a supporters consortium.


Yep, but the first thing that consortium would do would be to either renegotiate the lease, or lapse on it one way or another, freeing the club from its shackles.

And that’s precisely what I alluded to earlier about Jeff being cornered. He can’t sell one without the other, and the whole package isn’t attractive unless someone fancies taking on 20 years of “free speech” and rent protests.


I don’t keep bringing him up but you are unwilling to see any others point of view
And you are wrong about having to pay it for the next eight years at least, as stated by gamble in last week,s meeting,
Lease is ring fenced for the next 85 years with a further option after that
And I don’t care what you say about the accounts
I do not believe and neither do lots of others that that club only made 9k profit last year , somewhere along the line money is allegedly being hived off,
The section relating to the lease being up for a possible break clause within the next eight years, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, much like the information contained in accounts in my opinion

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I thought the last few deals fell over because Jeff kept changing his mind over what was for sale - Club, business, land, and any combination.


I’m going to pop up tomorrow and inform Jeff,
That the club is worthless so I’ll take it off his hands, He can keep the freehold. I’ll make the rent payments no problem , out of the comercial activities, and footfall through the turnstyles, , no use hanging around anymore Jeff with all those nasty people keep having a pop, Just take yourself away from it all mate and enjoy your retirement,
And I will go out and prove that this club will turn more than a 9 k profit, Whilst actively pursuing a course of action that will enable us to be in a posistion to buy freehold from yourself within a set timescale Jeff alongside putting correct investment into playing side
I’ll let you all know tomorrow what his answer is, that’s if I can hear it above his hysterical laughter


No, I’m sorry but you just can’t say things like that on a public forum. No money is being ‘hived off’, the accounts are a true representation of the financial affairs of the company. What we don’t know, because they don’t publish it, is what the breakdown of income and expenditure is. When you start making such accusations, you lose all credibility and put this forum in danger as well.


What you appear to be missing is that for any business in private hands the value of that business is the price which is agreeable to both the seller and the buyer. If one of us were to win the Euromillions and offer Jeff £10 million and he was to accept it then that is the value of the business at that time.
The goodwill (or lack of it) is an extremely difficult thing to evaluate.


But that’s my true belief so why can’t I air it
And bear in mind we as a group last year. Asked him to his face, we where furnished with an answer that was no all money goes back into club one way or another
Sorry but I don’t believe it, and that’s my right not to

I fully apreciate that other s will not share my views, and I fully respect that. But, and after reading many comments on this site , many have said the same thing in a round about way

Therefore I will apologise to all on this site if my views , have offended them, and will if asked to do so leave Uts, as it was never my intention,to bring this group into disrepute or cause them any trouble,
But I will not apologise for saying publicly what I have, as I believe you can’t go to jail for telling the truth, and will never be one who will be silenced for fear of upsetting our saviour


I’m not missing anything, just pointing out that continualy saying the buisness has no value is nonsense, , totally understand your point, but as you say it does indeed have a value,


As @ShropsSaddler said, there is no money being hived off, it’s all there in the accounts.

Post redacted


People can point out asset value or debt figures or profit values all they want to make their point.

The absolute bottom line of this is the club has two values in the real world:

A) It’s worth £450K a year to Uncle Jeff.


B) It’s worth a club extremely well established in the football league to an investor that would like a vanity project that turns a modest profit.

Arguing money figures or that it is indeed worth nothing are both absurd. On one side people are plucking a figure completely from thin air, on the other people are arguing it’s worth nothing which is equally absurd.

Now can we all stop pretending to be Alan Sugar for a few minutes? Jesus Christ.


I don’t think people with clear business acumen looking at figures/ accounts and making a reasoned argument is tantamount to ‘pretending to be Alan Sugar’. This is a forum for discussion


I am no expert in accounts but looking at these summaries it cost the club £1million when we were relegated at the end of 03/04…ouch. Just goes to show what the true cost of relegation was. Such a shame considering how close we were to survival and the club was heading in the right way both on and off the pitch. Plus we have spent the next decade and a half trying to recover from this, and under the current ownership it is going to be a slow process.