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Looking at some of the points raised here I question that “acumen”. You’re right this is a forum for discussion but at this point that discussion is:

“Club has debt, it’s worth nothing”.

“Yes it is”.

“No it isn’t”

“yes it is”


You choose to believe that everything you see and read as being truthfull, that’s your right, and I respect it

Me as stated do not believe again my right not to

That rent break clause is. Worthless, as being owner and landlord, it’s immaterial

The lease is ring fenced by the condition that as long as Walsall FC can meet rent payment from football related activities, ( not comercial activities)
They can never be evicted from bescot,). Not for 85 years with an optional uptake anyhow This was confirmed at last Monday’s meeting, by Steph gamble, or was he lying ?

Maybe rob can clarify the position of this at his upcoming meeting

Ask yourself why such a small operating profit is disclosed each year, and the penny May finally drop
To declare such profits, in my opinion, not of others may I add,
Is to constantly keep hold of the gift that keeps giving, and to. Ensure no one comes knocking, , it’s worked well to a certain extent, but when genuine bids have come in, as there is people out there who can see. Beyond the bullshine, and can see the potential the club has to grow, if only allowed to do so. then a different set of cards come out, and they are the ones where he sticks despite any price offered,
This will forever be the case until the next generation start twitching at the twice passing rule in relation to pension fund ( again confirmed at Monday’s meeting). Then you will find out the true value of the clubs worth in its entirety,
And I bet my life it won’t be the worthless one you keep advising people of


Coincided with the ITV digital collapse? That was always the story as to why we struggled.


Also coincided with us expanding Bescot, with was partly funded by a grant, but also partly funded by a loan from JB I believe.


Post redacted.

If people want the original post, please contact me privately.


When asked about this subject at last years meeting with him, and again it has been brought up at the monthly working party meetings the following answer has always been furnished

He has drew down into said pension fund and. Lent the money to club to pay for said items
Money has since been paid back, and all revenue form motorway sign and digital advertising boards within and outside of stadium, goes straight back to Walsall football club , not the pension fund

Having said that your figures indicate that the projected income you speak of does not apear to be going where stated

I’m no marketing expert, and havo no reason to believe that the figure you quote, is not being recieved with a real possibility of it even being exeded

And this in itself gives me even more belief that the figures we are allowed to see are. Dubious to say the least

During our exchanges please be assured that I am not trying to rubbish your oppinion, I would never do that to a fellow fan
But do truly believe that the declaration of an overall operating profit of on averadge 11k per year, is the best fairy tale I’ve ever read

Have always said the true ramifications,s of his ownership, are yet to manifest themselves, and I’d hazard a guess that when they do ,it won’t make good reading for any of us


The only real way out of this sorry mess is forcing and planning for this break clause in 10 years time, right?


How does this break clause work? I have no clue what it really means, can it be exercised by either side? what happens if it is exercised?


That’s the thing other will be much more knowledgeable than myself on…

I guess the problem is that Bonser is majority shareholder of the club too… so may veto it if it was an option?


Which seems like a grand conflict of interests to me…


The way I see it is
Let’s say bonser didn’t own club, whoever did could relocate football side if they wished
But seeing he is both landlord and tennent , that is never going to happen.
Hence my comments, it not being worth the paper it’s written on
There is another clause written in to lease agreement, and that is that whoever owns lease at any point in time it can never evict Walsall FC, as long as it can meet its rental obligation, and this obligation can only be increased by the rpi each year. Having this agreement in place is the ting fence I speak of
But remember any rental cost has to come from football activities, I’e footfall through the turnstiles, transfer fees etc, and not money from its sepperate comercial activities, as in the venue, Sunday market, digital advertising etc,
This is how bonser himself put it across, and I believe to be how this particular facet of his combined operation works

The whole thing is a complete mess of his making,
And I believe he has got club in such a stranglehold, that it is the plan he executed to perfection, that is also the one that his now his stumbling block and prevents any sale taking place


Looks like our main concern about how the club is being run has garnered support from the national press. See Justin Allen’s page in today’s Sun.


Your comment about where the money comes from to pay the rent directly contradicts statements made to me by Directors over the years. They have told me exactly the opposite i.e. that the rent is funded from all the commercial activities. At the end of the day I suppose it doesn’t matter because wherever it comes from £400,000 per year is being paid by the Club to its Landlord.


That’s the trouble mate, there story changes every time something breaks
Think rob now has the perfect oportunity to once and for all get these answers, and get club to dispel any myth,s once and for all
Untill fans get the truth of how the many facets of club, work. And what pays and what recieves what, from combined pot, This will rumble on for years to come
They should start with a clean sheet of paper, and answer the questions that have been brushed under carpet for nigh on thirty years
But I doubt that no matter how hard rob try’s, he will never recieve a straight answer, to his questions


Thats what I’ve been saying for quite a while. It appears to be a way out, the only one on the horizon.



I haven’t read all the detailed points mentioned on accounts and club value, but in summary, all the discussion about ownership, accounts and a Bonser-free future for the club appears to amount to:

  1. The Club and the ground need to be packaged as a single entity
  2. A valuation of the entire package of assets is required
  3. Bonser needs to be willing to sell
  4. A prospective buyer or two need to be found / come forward
  5. An offer needs to be made and accepted.

Is that right?

If so, the only way to test this is for a serious approach to be made - not necessarily an offer but someone to come forward, credible enough for Bonser to take them seriously, and test the waters by making an enquiry…“how much for the whole lot Jeff?”


Can you provide a link?



Yes thats right…one aspect of this scenario which needs attention is that even if JB became a willing seller a willing buyer or two need to appear.


Apart from some Chinese/Malaysian/Hong Kong Multi Billionaire with more money than sense, the only suitable candidate is Waterman, we all know he has been put off by Bonser’s stranglehold in the past, but does anyone out there know him well enough to make another desperate plea to think again as our possible saviour? A football team is after all, somewhat similar to a Railway engine is it not?