Focus Meeting Live Feed


No sign of the coward,unless he’s hiding behind the curtains


Further admittance tonight too that the club have to foot the bill for stadium repairs, not the landlord who creams his pension money from us. What a ■■■■■■■ deal he set up for himself all those years ago.

NUMBER ONE FAN :partying_face:


There’s probably a hidden camera live feed to his undersea lair. Facial recognition tech is switched on, and trespass notices are ready to be signed


He’s structured the most effective landlord/tenant arrangement ever…

Tax efficient

Fully guaranteed

Without any obligations to maintain services or take responsibility for repairs

Long term tenants agreement (with himself as the decision maker!)

It’s unbelievable when you think about it

One question I have is why have the clubs auditors never been questioned on the financial obligations to the landlord? Oh sorry, I forgot, they are in Jeffs pocket too (hence Mr Gambles appointment to the position of CEO…)


A work of art, for sure. That the club reportedly aren’t looking for a buyer sums it right up. The aim is merely to keep the club floating in the position it’s in so we can pay the rent - yet we’re still expected to turn up, without even the vague hope or optimism. Or clean bogs. The club budget to pay that rent based on the lowest possible forecasts for season tickets/commercial/events income and anything on top of that is just a bonus - this much was admitted by Gamble/Mole at a fans forum back in 2015 that I myself attended. Basically, that is in itself an admittance that they really need to do the bare minimum to tick over.

The ‘saviour’ narrative is merely perpetuated to justify Bonser’s continued existence at the club in the hope that we’ll all just go along with it, happily clapping and accepting what’s served up to us. His absence from any public appearance only strengthens this. He doesn’t want the hassle, only the cheque. As discussed elsewhere, at a time where Pete Waterman might have considered a bid, he himself basically said that Jeff had got it all too sewn up.

‘A parasite doesn’t need its host to do well, just merely stay alive’ - to quote the recent episode of OPB.

Sooner or later Mr Burns, the ageing fans that we have will either have died off or will have been overtaken by apathy, as is happening now. Shame you won’t care, because you’ll likely be dead yourself by then.


This is what we should push as part of the message against Bonser. When you read it like this it is shameful what Bonser has done.


Is it over yet?


Well that is 90 mins of my life I will never get back


Can the protests start now?


Didn’t even turn up. ■■■■■ him.

They may as well hand a sheet of answers out at the start. Could photocopy it each year.


Straight to media…


Stock answers so yes.


we can only hope


I heard it was a volcano lair or am i getting my villians mixed up?


I despair of some of our fans sometimes? we have an opportunity to grill gamble and mole to at least make them squirm a little, and while they are sitting there thinking of an answer to a legitimate question on bonzo’s exit plan, someone at the front jumps in with statement of how well we played on saturday? and how they should be commended, totally taking the emphasis off the original question, and it didn’t just happen once? no wonder they were clambering to respond to it :roll_eyes:


Someone asked why we can’t host the Antiques Roadshow.


The best way to handle this is to act like it’s a professional work meeting.

Write down all the minutes and assign actions against each one of the talking points (as they are always the same)

Each week you can re issue the minutes to the board and ask them to update their progress, adding to each point as progress is made. There is then a full document work list and progress status available for the next meeting and so on.


The one thing i will say is that Gamble seems far more agreeable than Mole, who sat there all night with a face like a smacked arse.


Did you hear the one that was moaning about having to get up at 5.30 am in a morning, and then proceeded to ask when the outside of the ground was going to be painted? :roll_eyes:


At least my Dad didn’t ask about ballstrikes again…