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Was the letter mentioned, or possible protests?


I did bring the issue up, i said that if i was renting a house then my landlord is responsible for the repairs, but Bonzo has structured it into the rental agreement that the renter is responsible for any repairs? how ■■■■■■■ devious is that :open_mouth:


Absolutely no disrespect to anyone specifically and I’m pleased all those that turned up took the opportunity to do so besides which, all paying fans are obviously entitled to their view, questions etc but clearly this all needs taking to a different level because the contempt with which we are generally treated won’t be helped by inane, relatively easy questions and rambling topics…


They were also banging on about free season tickets for under 18’s i mean how well publicised is it? so i said at the moment it is like handing out free tickets to a basket weaving competition lol how many of you would go :rofl:


With regards to free tickets to U18’s, if this was true then surely the ticket office staff would be aware and apply said discount at the time of purchase.
I have never received a free ticket for my lad ever!!


Followed it on twitter as couldn’t be arsed to go after a long day at work. As far as I could tell it’s as you were…thanks for the dosh!

Gamble and Mole admitting that everything is wrong or needs looking at tells me that governance isn’t particularly good at the club. If an executive team and its directors know the issues and are doing nothing about it I question why they exist. Shambolic way to run a business/football club/pension fund *delete as you see fit.

As for paying for repairs on a property you rent, doesn’t surprise me. What I would love to see is the agreement and who signed this on behalf of the club, surely Bonser can’t asi assume he is named on the pension?


apparently all you have to do is register? and as one fan was told tonight, she could turn up with her 3 kids and they would get in for free, but like i said it is not very well advertised.


Glad I didn’t waste an evening. By the way, we don’t do ourselves any favours as fans:

Sounds like the same questions over and over again. Looks very amateur. Really needs collating first so it doesn’t come across as a moaning session for the sake of it.

Basically; Jeffs not selling, the ■■■■ will be looked at, ticket prices will be “looked at” judging by the reports.


Oh yes the club is up for sale, but not the ground.


I asked the original question on Bonser’s exit strategy, why he hadn’t turned up and are we actively looking for a new owner. It said it all how they replied to that with a one line answer, whilst spending ten minutes replying to a question on the community work.


I’ve been going with my lad and paying for a family ticket when all along all had had to do is register him for free with swiftys club what ever it is and I get him in free ,bloody nice when they never tell you ,Amateur club run by amateur owner and board.


That’s the point i was making tom, you sat behind me i got mixed up with the question they decided to respond to instead of yours sorry :wink:


It’s terrible communication and advertising I have 4 kids who I take to the games and could have got kids in for nowt. But only told this tonight . ■■■■■■■ shocking :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Mole and Gamble seem more than willing admit to issues, but it’s the same old ‘leave it with us’ replies.

I swear they rolled out the ‘we know we need to improve communication’ line last year.


Anyone noticed this?

They’ve only gone and actioned something.


That’s good but I’m sure they said kids go free in any part of the ground except the main stand ,but that says different unless I heard wrong ?.


Talk won’t get you anywhere. If you want Bonser out you’ve got to force the issue. Upset him so much that he’ll go looking for a buyer or drop his price, or whatever.

You’ve just gotta be ready to buy the club when he does!


They’ve been saying the same ■■■■ since 2006, although it was Whalley back then


Yeah, there were once again some really odd questions about footballing matters that gave them an easy route out of answering anything too tricky. Like when someone asked why do bring all our players back for corners? :joy:


Christ we have some super thick fans - it just dilutes the sensible and provoking questions which we need answers to.

What’s the ■■■■■■■ point