Focus Meeting Live Feed


You’re not telling me they have just rustled that up!

That was waiting to go - ohh look we have listened to you & its been actioned in double quick time!!

What a load of ■■■■■■■■!

Mole & Gamble are not innocent in all of this - look at that blatantly conceited move!


I know that question was unbelievable. Of all the questions he could of asked🙈


Yeah the U18 free tickets is still not clear on there. They’ve scored a massive own goal with that scheme. Effectively ripping off fans for years.

Just imagine if they did this:

Fan: “1 adult, 1 junior please”
Staff: “Ok, that’s £22 for you and £2 for your lad. Or if he signs up for a membership card he can come in for free until he’s 18.”
Fan: “Oh brilliant. We will do that.”
Staff: “Make sure he tells all his friends at school too!”

Free advertising. I bet this has never happened.


No and my lads had a letter off the school offering £5 tickets to a game ,why can’t the club promote this free entry etc with this letter ,get some young local fans thru the gates and interested in there home town club ,there really is no promoting the club .


And their cop out is " well all that happened before i came to the club" :roll_eyes:




And getting rid of bonzo and the muppets :wink:


No chance of that tho mate . So the least we have to do is get them to get more fans in the ground.


All that I really got from tonight focus meeting is more danger signs as to why Jeff needs an exit strategy and that he has no intention to really sell.


I really don’t understand why people would go and actually ask football related questions at this. Surely it’s more logical to ask DK as/when he does a forum/meet the manager event?!

There are far more important events at the club right now than who plays right or left back on a Saturday although seems those question got the usual road block response.


Someone started to talk tactics and was quite rightly shut down by other fans and Gamble.


utter ■■■■■■■■ no different to last years just trotting out the same lines over and over again every year.Also how long have they been signing players or sacking a manager when they get a hint of unrest? about 25 years since the days of Martin Oconnor that is how long this ■■■■■■■■ has been going on.


Opportunity missed big time … what a ■■■■ up :man_shrugging:t3:

WFC 1-0 Fans


How so? This is like a chess game. The opening move is (almost) always P-K4… It’s so predictable. The end game is where it’s at.


It’s s bloody long chess game if that’s the case.


I think the simple answer is he doesn’t have an exit strategy. He’s got no intention of relinquishing his grip on the golden goose which is filling his pension every year.


Hard to change an obvious stalemate, but we have to try or it’s a foregone conclusion.


Ye I get that completely, problem is these chances come along literally once a year and we have some tits talking shirt sizes :joy:

Both Mole and Gamble pretty much got away unscathed once again , despite admitting to failures .

Clubs a joke


But thats the game they play though Gavin. Its there for a “get out of jail card” if and when they need it. But shhhhhh don`t tell anyone about it lads or they will all bring kids to fill the ground,create an atmosphere and maybe put in place the future support building blocks.
Typifies the whole blinkered backward thinking around the club that cascades down from our esteemed No.1 shyster of an owner.


Once again no serious questions answered around playing budget or lack of investment against income …

Waste of time