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As I have said time and again elsewhere, doing what we have done previously will deliver the same results = nothing. We are skipping to the clubs beat all the time - come to this meeting at the time we specify without anybody with any clout present.

These focus meetings are pure tactical manoeuvres. They achieve nothing.

Lets draw a line and start the action.


Considering the club makes a profit after the rent is paid and the debt seems manageable compared to our turnover, great!



My company makes more profit than that.


Good for you. Do you operate in a sector where virtually all of your competitors make massive losses too?

How about the half a million from a few years ago? or the 200 grand from last year?


Point is, JB has it sewn up in such a way, that there’s no way out of this status-quo.

Well, there is, but it involves him making a gesture.

The club, the business, whatever you want to call it, is worth nothing. Look at the accounts for yourself.


I have. I’ve literally just given you the profit figures from them.

Just repeating the same thing doesn’t make it true.


Down to player sales and the JPT run to Wembley. Not regular occurrences. Average profit over the last 20 years has been below £100k.

And you can’t compare against loss-making clubs, because those clubs make losses because they have assets they can use as collateral for debt, or owners that are willing to underwrite the debt. We don’t have that. We literally couldn’t make losses on that scale.

Regardless, none of this changes the fact, that as a business, WFC has very little profit making ability in it’s current setup. And with the debt, and lack of tangible and saleable assets, has next to no value.

I don’t have to figures to hand, but I can get hold of them later, but I’m pretty sure that WFC hasn’t made more than £2m worth of profit in the last 20 years.

And you’re telling me that this business (with debts of £1.5m)…is worth something?


Yawn. Analyse 20 years worth of accounts and come back and tell me what you value the business at then. I can provide you the accounts…


Why would anyone invest (buy) the football club for such a meagre and poor return?

What would be the point?


i don’t need to analyse twenty years of accounts if this is true. Because that’s an awful lot better than an awful lot of football clubs out there. But apparently I’m not allowed to liken us to businesses in the exact same boat :man_shrugging:

Despite making a profit virtually every year.

Yes. Literally every business has a value. It might be low but it isn’t nothing. Just like every single other club/business.


Why would anybody buy any football club? It’s not normally about a HISTORICAL profit figure. A Football club normally makes a loss. It’s normally about investing in a club and taking it to the next level AND THEN reaping the benefits (Wolves are a prime example).


You talk nonsense.

By your logic a company with £10m of debt, that makes an average profit of £10k over 20 years has a value greater than nowt.

You really gonna stand by that? Cos I’m telling you now, it’s bullshine


Talk about a strawman.

I’m talking about a relevant comparison to relevant business in a relevant sector. Call it bullshine all you want. Like I said, saying something over and over doesn’t make it true

About as laughable as you comparing it to whatever business you have. Completely irrelevant.


The final impressions I got from the meeting last night where as follows:
-Dan usually looks like a rabbit in the headlights, but last night he was far more vocal and passionate about his answers.
-Both Stefan and Dan appear to have massive roles within the club, with a distinct lack of good middle managers to help them out. As a result they only have time to firefight on lots of issues.
-The reason for the above is a lack of money within the club to offer competitive salaries for the right type of personnel.



YOU don’t do yourself any favours as a fan if you live in the local area and were local to the focus meeting last night yet didn’t even bother going. It’s easy to log onto a forum and start moaning about stuff but do really you care when you can’t be bothered to get to the ground? Even if you haven’t got any questions yourself or whatever, the more people that attend, the more they realise people are not happy.

Glad I wasted an evening, it shows I really care.


But your argument that there are loss making clubs, so you must take them in to account is nonsense. There are profit making clubs also. Have you taken them in to account? No, cos it doesn’t fit your tired argument. Some have assets, some have loans underwritten by the owners, some have cash injections from owners, some are effectively vehicles for servicing debt etc etc.

This is about a business valuation, pure and simple. The comparison to my own company was simply indicative that the levels of profit involved at WFC are not the kind of profits that get you a valuation of £3 or £4m.

If WFC had assets, against which loans could be taken, thus giving the club a chance of making more profit, then it would be worth more than nothing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.


Even that’s a waste though. 1000 people could turn up. The stock answers will still be the stock answers.

There’s things that can be done and protests that can be made. I really don’t see what having a nice sit down while some bloke moans about the same thing we’ve already had the stock answer to for the 5th time is going to do about it. I’ve already been there.

I was actually busy last night but that’s neither here nor there because I wouldn’t have bothered going anyway. That’s not because I “care” any less than you do (although I refuse to get into that pathetic ■■■■■■■ contest), it’s because we’ve had numerous versions of these meeting and nothing ever changes.


Yes. I said “majority” no? Is that “not taking them into account”? I never said ALL clubs make a loss.

My tired argument? Ha that a profit making business might be worth investing in for somebody out there in a sector that is notoriously difficult to make profit? Yeah that really is a tired argument :roll_eyes:


If you think club is worth nothing mate, not being disrespectful, but you are way way of the mark,
The guy who went on to invest in Bristol city valued it at four million for club and eight million for land and had to walk away Due to bonsers refusal to sell
Tim Oliver the councilor who was so close to striking a deal a few years back also put it in a similar price bracket, but again was messed about, , hence the councils refusal to have no wish for any further dealings with our owner, , as I say valuing club as having no monetary value in it,s own right is absurd


Other football clubs have escaped worse situations than ours, some even bouncing back from what would appear to have been a terminal event. eg. Accrington, Wimbledon, and Newport County, all of whom are now quite happily “plying their trade”, at a level not unbecoming the size of club they traditionally were before their demise. Then there’s the Rotherham story, which had similarities to ours and a happy ending.

We’ve become so accustomed to the economic scenarios and discussions that inevitably involve “what happens next”, that I think we need to remind ourselves this is a football club. Its not meant to be profit making for its shareholders, nor does it exist to line the pockets of any individuals other than those who are deservedly on the pay-roll for whatever their position is (so long as that role exists for the betterment of Walsall FC). Its JWB and his cronies that brought this mentality to our club. If Bonser did have an exit strategy that ultimately safeguarded the club’s future in its present incarnation then great. If he chooses to shaft the club, and cast its present incarnation into oblivion then its up to the supporters to pick up the pieces as has happened at the aforementioned clubs.

Just to put that into perspective, Stefan Gamble has been at Walsall FC as long as AFC Wimbledon have existed! We simply don’t need these people, but for the moment, they need Walsall FC.