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I’d hate to be his cat!

Angry ■■■■■■


The planet where I’ve built and sold three sucsessfull buisneses, and if you truly believe that the club only made 9 k last year. Then Sorry But you are trying to preach to someone who doesent swallow it

I thought this site was for genuine fans to air there view,s and to try and support the guys on here who are going above and behond, in there attempt,s to force change. , yet first sign of someone not. Agreeing with someone’s input, they get there oppinion slated

Like I have already stated I fully back there, attempt,s and will stand side by side with them, even tho we may hold. Different views, on certain things
What is needed is a firm stance of solidarity , sure if mr bonser reads you’re coment,s they will be music to his ears, and will congratulate himself. ,that he has been sucsessfull in his attempt to brainwash

As I say I fully respect your views, but unfourtanatly can’t agree with them


Yes it’s pretty clear that the two of them are doing a range of tasks that a GM would do in a small Company and appear to be employing people beneath them who are regularly not delivering.
A decent CEO would be focused on strategic stuff and future planning issues with an eye on the finances and the competition out there and seeking to develop the business and customer base.
Stefan appears blinkered and his body language last night was just defensive. A clever CEO might have taken the opportunity to “sell” his vision and ideas to us in a positive way.
Stating an aim of promotion to the Championship whilst having a League 2 playing budget is daft and he chose not to answer that question when put to him.
The key statement was “we are paid employees who sit on the Board”. In other words we do as we are told on the important stuff.
Would have been more encouraging if a Board Member with some clout had been there.


I couldn’t be there last night for family reasons.However reading the reports and having attended many others those who say the fans need to have a laid out agenda with a spokesman who leads the debate subject by subject are exactly right.Otherwise criticism and comment which challenge the Board members are immediately ruined by someone making a comment on a completely different matter and all too often one that is largely irrelevant eg playing matters.
When there is another such meeting if we choose to attend the fans should have a spokesman who controls the discussion from the floor and ensures the debate sticks to one subject at a time.
Last night was a perfect opportunity to use Rob Harvey’s letter and the clubs response as the foundation for the evening.Sounds like an opportunity missed.


In general I agree and anything that detracts from the core issues is diluting the value of the meeting/s…

However frustrating it is for any of us to feel valuable time is being taken up with questions of formations and on the pitch dynamics (personally I feel these things are lost opportunities by the way) I guess we also have to be realistic (and I’m only being fair here) - and obviously these things are open forum hence it’s almost inevitable that any fan or attendee can express his/her opinion regardless of if they are connected or associated with the new campaign group etc

The only way to have a more focused and perhaps directed approach is if everyone is singing from the same sheet so to speak and I’m not entirely sure we can do that (unless attendees are canvassed before entering the room etc and briefed on the approach we feel will get best response in line with our objectives etc…

Hope this makes sense!


I think you’ll find the only board members with any “clout” are Jeff and his brother. :thinking:


Has Jeff got a unattached sister…even if she’s plug ugly…she’d be a bit of a catch…:cyprus::dark_sunglasses: £££


Questions should have to be in a week before and have clear guidlines on relevant topics, rather than just a general meeting. Then one representative should collate them, eliminate any duplicates and they should then be put to the board.

Have an open mic on the night where people can get up and respond to these answers and there you go.

But the trust were asked to do this one of the last times and none of them could be arsed so it was passed back to the club and Mole ended up sort of doing it the night before “apparently”. It’s poor organisation but the club aren’t bothered because the more unorganised it looks the more it just seems like a rabble that can be dismissed as moaners/not knowing what they are talking about.


There was a chap at the front who kept on disrupting the meeting . Rumbling on without a Mike having his own personal conversations with gamble that annoyed me :see_no_evil:


I think the only way to get the answers that people want is to make sure the questions are to the point, agreed in advance by the majority and more importantly are valid questions.

For example the bar and the toilets were valid questions and the answers should include timescales which are realistic and then followed up on.

The point regarding JB’s exit never seems to get an acceptable reply but maybe a question about plans for continuity of the football club over say the next 20 years and 50 years could be an ongoing point which could be a valid question gaining suitable answers over time.

The same applies to the stadium repairs point which people seem upset about. I am pretty sure this has nothing to do with JB and is a condition of the Suffolk Life SIPP so any complaints or moans about this will fall on deaf ears because it will not be accepted as a credible complaint.

The main problem is that the questions could be more specific and the ‘Panel’ have no idea of the real answers so they just answer the questions as best they can.

Even on BBC Question Time the panel have an idea of the main questions before they start so they have credible answers ready. So next meeting why not plan in advance and have a set of agreed questions which can be supplied to the board in advance and give them time to research the answers. The fans can then deal with each one at a time, perhaps even have one allocated fan deciding when each question is dealt with sufficently and move on to the next.

Just a thought.


Unless your name is Diane Abbot then you do it on a whim and when made to look the fool you are play the race card.



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Brilliant exactly what’s needed.


Genius :joy: :joy: love the black comedy of this… Oops have I said the wrong thing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes very annoying if you mean the elderly chap with the glasses ( he was sat right in front of me) who had to keep going for a ■■■■ because basically he’d had a few and liked the sound of his own voice .

The message will never get across how serious this should be when some of the fans look at this as an evening out and a few drinks rather than trying to put the club to rights…not what i expected and was very disappointed


After the meeting i couldn’t help but feel a little deflated as i was expecting a large contingent of unhappy supporters wanting to voice their unrest about the club , and how it is being run , and expected a lot more supporters there to be honest , and to hear a lot more piercing questions about the Chairmans exit plan .

Unfortunately there is a large number of supporters that don’t get involved on or follow such social media as UTS about our club , and don’t find out about how much unrest there actually is , and i put that down to the age generation i suppose . ( not meaning to sound ageist )

I get that they want to know stuff about the manager , and what the board think of his tactics but i really didn’t expect this on the night , after all it was to talk to board members not the manager so think they got mixed up , and maybe should of gone on another night I.E meet the manager

I thought after the build up on here we were going to put some real pressure on Mole , and Gamble for some answers which to be fair didn’t actually get a look in as any genuine prying questions were quickly dispensed with as soon as some ■■■■■■■ idiot asked what formation the manager should be playing or that the replica shirts weren’t big enough etc etc .

This was my first meeting as i felt that something might actually come from this , but after sticking it out till 9.45 p.m , with some supporters still talking ■■■■ , and after a quick comment to Masi from the E&S (who had also definately had enough as well ) i commented that i thought it was going to be about pressuring Bonser for details of his exit plan or geniune plans to sell up lock stock , but no i just left most frustrated.

It was good that the guys from UTS were on first name terms with Gamble , and Rob was assured that he would get a reply from his follow up letter , this left me to think couldn’t a meeting be set up for say the UTS guys to have a meeting on their own with Mole , and Gamble to get our serious questions answered instead of trying to get the odd one in when we have a few …" lets have a few pints and a bit of a giggle supporters" chucking in not such important questions about replica shirts etc etc


I think everyone needs to understand that being a profitable club doesn’t show that it is well run - anyone can creatively account to make their financials look good.

Cashflow is more important at determining the success of the club - and if you look historically, it has been much lower than profit.

If sh*t was to go down and we were in financial trouble, we have no fixed asset (freehold with Jeff) so are reliant on our owner bailing us out. This is the only contingency, which for me, places the club in a really dangerous position.

It saddens me but the club really is run from an events perspective first, then a football club


Yep he was right in front of me lol i felt like telling him to shut up, because nothing of what he was saying was relevant.


You should have ■■■■■■ off when i did mate :wink:


There are not of people either aware of WSC or bothered. Finding these people and motivating them is a big task. Not everyone reads UTS or follows everything on Facebook. Traditional media plays its part here. Maybe we need to fund an ad in the E&S?