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Thats the point i was trying to make @Exile

Or ask Gamble and Mole to chair another meeting but under another name like …meet the ■■■■■■ off supporters and listen to their concerns and ■■■■■■■ do something to right the wrongs being allowed to happen at our club .


That would put the cat amongst the pigeons. A full page ad with the website front page content would look really good though.


I couldn’t imagine for one minute the E&S would dare risk upsetting the chairman , and get cast out and never allowed to return if they even dared to show any backing or advertising the campaign


You mean they’d abuse a position of influence to squash freedom of speech? Never!


Whatever happened to the free press?


Always the nationals


I know he’s been mentioned before but if only we had a chairman like this. On average crowds of 2850 they are self-sufficient, debt free, and own their own ground!


Not sure if Michael Beardmore is registered on here but see his WFC posts regularly on Twitter and his relationship with Joe Masi at E&S as a fellow journo.
Michael might have some valuable insight into getting some press coverage for WSC and it’s focus to find potential consortium buyers to take out JB?


It might actually play into our hands if they did.


Interesting debate about to come on the talk sport radio ( who should and who should not be the owner of a football club) could be worth a listen. It s on now .


Already spoken to. Hands tied at the moment.




I agree with a lot of that. Friends of mine who are business people tell me they would not touch the Club without the land being included in the deal. As for JB I think your explanation helps to understand his call a year or two back for the Council to purchase the freehold.He is stuck unless he sells both the freehold and the club to the same purchaser…in that transaction the Club part is almost worthless. The only deal I can see emerging is for someone to purchase the freehold and for JB to forego what he is owed and to sell the business side for a nominal amount. Anybody out there willing to spend around £6-7 million and takeover running our Club?



Trouble with that is that who is going to want to carry on with the PR disaster that is being the owner and landlord?

He has this narcissistic trait, and I believe that he thinks he’s the saviour and is owed a hefty fee for the club, and a hefty fee for the land, but no one in their right mind would take it on.


The answer to your question is no one! and thereby lies, as you identified, a major problem. In my view the freehold needs to be reunited with the Club before JB sells and that is an even more of a problem!!! There are no easy answers and that is my biggest complaint against him.


By How you can say club has no value is absurd
And is worth nothing via having no tangible assets ,I seriously question your business acumen

Here’s an example
As many know I owned two independent bookies,
Why where the likes of coral,s ladbrookes, William hill paddy power, etc, constantly aproaching me offering good money , to buy my buisnes.

They only wanted to buy my buisness. , not the building,s they operated from, I’e only interested in book value of buisness, and there revenue they turned over and nothing else, so again to say the buisness has no value again in my opinion. An absurd statement

I did ultimately sell both buisneses , and can assure you they where not given away.

As for the account,s you keep banging on about, they will show exactly what a certain person, wants them to, and are a watered down audited account. And will bear little resemblance to the true figures, which you should no only to well, will never be made public, as they contain comercial sensitive information

You would be better of reading the beano, Than those.
As for the bank loans , unless someone high up in clubis seriously lying to fans, and you can furnish names of said banks, club owes money to, I think you will find it is the bank of bonser I’e Suffolk life holdings


The club is worth nothing. Its only asset is intangible goodwill, and that’s dwindling.


I think whatever happens, our number one goal should be to get the ground back. We may not be as lucky as Palace were…


Let’s crunch the numbers down supplied by
If they are to be believed it equates. To. Walsall football club making a profit of £211. Pound per week
Who in there right mind believes this to be the case,
Now let’s look at it another way. All monies owed are to our owner, So where. Has he generated 1 .6 million currently owed to him, seeing that his other buisnes activiti ceased trading and become insolvent
They certainly Havant been from the £211 a week he declares as profit have they

Not being argumentive or trying to rubbish another fans oppinion, as he can only go off the accounts availible for him to see, but as I’ve stated many times, We would all be better of reading the beano , because the stories in there are far more believable


I think you will find that "bookies’ are a little different to Football clubs…the former are generally money makers whilst football clubs are generally money losers!!! The club without the land has no value I regret to say.