Football Card for Acorns Walsall

At WSFC, we want to help out in the local community as much as we can, so we are looking to raise money for @AcornsHospice Walsall, firstly through the football card on the last tweet.

Each square is NOW £10, so when the card is full we will have £400.

Prize is as follows:

Winner - £200
Acorns Hospice - £200

If you would like to have a go at helping us raise money and perhaps win a bit of extra cash for yourself then let me know!

Bank Transfer and PayPal available.

Places allocated on a first come, first served basis.


@Exile @SuperGabor @chunkster - as you showed an interest before I’ve tagged you!

Thanks to @RedandWhite for getting us up and running.

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We have had two responses so far, and I will be taking a square too.

I understand £20 is a lot of money, but for a chance to win £400 and help raise £400 for Acorns Walsall, if anybody can help please do! It’s for a very worthwhile cause.

Still interested. PM me PayPal info and I’m in.

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Fair play to you for organising this for such a worth while cause mate… but could take a while to fill the boxes. Maybe a fiver a throw would fill it a lot quicker.

Yeah I know, but even if it takes longer it will fill up eventually. I understand it’s a lot for people at this time of year especially.


Yeah hope so Rob. :+1:

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3 squares gone thanks to @SuperGabor and @RedandWhite.

Please DM if you’d like to take a square…

Can i have West Brom please @RobHarv3y

You can. You sorted it out?

Yes mate transfered it about 20 mins ago :+1:

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Got it cheers.

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How’s the card filling up Rob ?

Looks like a few of these teams on the card might go out of business and get closed down like your Burys and co. at the rate it’s taking to fill it …:laughing:

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Ha tell me about it.

4 spaces taken, 36 to go. I will get there. I will also take a square on Friday when I’m paid.

NOW £10 a square - £200 winner; £200 Acorns.

Let me know if interested.

Bank Transfer / PayPal available.

UTS will take five, to be assigned to the next five people to answer this thread with a festive image or emoji.



I will not reply, and I will add names later this evening. I will send the card into here.


If there are any left Monday @RobHarv3y tag me and I will have one then.
Xmas payday.