Football Cops

Channel 4 episode 2

Walsall v Crewe

Saw them filming this last year. Was the April abomination under Flynn.

I’ll have a squint at it as I might be on. Me and the lad kept having the camera poked at us as we drank outside a pub on the Northwich Road.

More rubbish propaganda to go along with the 9000 mentions of Scotland fans being well behaved on the euros coverage.

Quick search on twitter shows em all kicking off.

Agenda nonsense. Does my head in.


I am still on a WhatsApp group from my old workplace, and someone sent me a video of " it is all kicking off in germany" and i clicked on it in chemotherapy yesterday, but it was one of those trick porn screaming meme :man_facepalming:
The whole room just went quiet and looked round at me, and i couldn’t turn it off quickly enough :rofl:


Mate, always check the URL!

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I got caught by the same one :joy:

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Everyone in the unit are so friendly and there is sort of a cancer commoradery with the other patients, everybody says goodbye and good luck as they leave
All i got yesterday were hard stares :rofl::rofl::rofl:


lol the last bit sounds like you were at my house with the wife :joy: hope things are going as well as they can for you mate :+1:


Hope it’s all going well pal :+1:


Have you tried a different, thicker underlay on your stares chunkster, that may help with making them easier on your feet :laughing::wink:.

On a serious note mate, thoughts and prayers with you on your journey, that goes for anyone suffering with this god forsaken disease either personally or within the family/friends.

UTS family…