Football fans bitchfest (feat Wrexham, Tranmere & Rochdale)

Out of curiosity had a quick look at the Wrexham forum - oh my days! On a thread entitled ‘Walsall’s good start’ they are now glad Keates left because of the boring football :joy: they also think he jumped ship as he foresaw the way their form was going last season.

When he first came here they were of the belief he would ‘take us down’, when we signed Cook, Ginelly & Ferrier we were ‘a non league set up, with non league players and a non league manager’ - funnily enough coming from a non league clubs fans - irony.

What a bunch of bitter taff ■■■■■!! :joy::joy::joy: Enjoy playing Maidenhead United & Solihull Moors in front of one man and his dog chaps. Its fully deserved. We have the likes of Sunderland to focus on…

The Tranmere fans were full of it too, I remember on a post they hoped they would draw us in FA Cup and we were ‘a horrible football club’. Funny, didn’t hear a peep after we systematically tore them to shreds in the League Cup…

To conclude this episode of sad, embittered fans, take a look at the Rochdale match thread. We are rubbish and will fall like a stone - worst team they have played this season.

It’s great having this feeling back again, winding up the opposition, especially those with a misplaced sense of entitlement (how clubs that have languished for so long in the depths of non league can have such a high opinion of themselves is completely beyond me), and generally having a ball doing so.

Walsall bastardry 2018


The Trannys have never got over failing to get into the premier league under John King in the early 90s. Wrecsam have never got over being Welsh, and Dale are simply over-excited and starstruck after being in the highest position they’ve ever attained.

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Terrible thing, jealousy!

Hardworking teams never seem to get any credit from opposition fans and these type of comments usually mean the saddlers fans have given a good vocal support.


The first set of fans to be magnanimous - credit to Barnsley fans.

Nothing but praise and saying there’s a good chance we will be in top 6 this season. Haven’t even mentioned our gates :roll_eyes:

To be fair to the Wrexham fans (and that doesn’t come naturally!), the football they played under Keates was known to be “boring” and, in terms of their form over the season, it was on the slide a little when he joined us. Of course, you could look on the positive side and say that Keates realised he had a good defensive team but one which wasn’t going to score many goals and took a Graydon-esque approach in going into a game looking for a clean sheet and hoping to snatch a goal. It worked, to a large extent.

What is impressive is that, at Walsall, he seems to have realised that he has excellent attacking options but perhaps not the best defence in this league and has therefore adapted his style to be more attacking.

In terms of those “non-league” players we were signing, to be fair I saw a few Walsall fans saying exactly the same!

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