Footy off

Just seen that all PL and EFL games suspended until 3rd April at the earliest…

Just as we finally hit abit of form this happens

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Could be the end of Macclesfield.sure they would have been counting on the gate receipts to pay there players next week.

Was thinking the same but I guess on balance, it’s the right thing to do in the circumstances :thinking:

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They didn’t pay their players for last month yet…

Well with train tickets bought we’ll still be making the short trip for a pub crawl! Football won’t stop us :joy:


That’s the spirit DanG… :beers:


What I will say is stay safe to all saddlers fans especially our older contingent hope everybody keeps safe UTS


Nice one Scooby2167 - well said…

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Time for the Pools Panel of Old?

Bit of a hasty decision if you ask me.

Don’t think there was much risk of the games this weekend going ahead … maybe in a few weeks, if the virus really takes hold.


If it’s about sIze of crowds some National League games get more than some league one and two anyway and some clubs like Wrexham could get more if fans in the area want to see a game. Saw a comment that it was because more clubs ie Premier had players and staff self isolating.

The national league is continuing as normal according to BBC News.

Well my point was why. They have crowds as well.

A daft decision in my view which means the season is over if the “peak” of this thing is going to be during April,May and June. See you all next season!

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I wasn’t replying to your comment I just posted that I’d seen it on BBC news it just so happened my comment was below yours

No problem

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I wonder if sky will be refunding customers who purchased sky sports?

pl clubs can take the hit some lower clubs can not


For sure - I think this might be a serious challenge for some of the L1 and L2 clubs - be interesting to see how it pans out…

Stay safe everyone…