Footy off

Keep calm and carry on!

Not sure what Sky are doing but for anyone using NowTV you might be able to get it half price by going to cancel. Couple of people I know have done that today on the basis of there being no sport at all.

On the other hand, if the Kabbadi is on Sky Sports - have a watch!

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Also, Walsall Wood vs Sporting Khalsa is on tomorrow, I shall be attending

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I would have gone if my nephew was still there, but my loyalties lie with Boldmere now :grin:

Are they playing? I’m trying to find what is actually on?

I will ask my nephew

Mikes are at home, Lye Town.

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if EFL do call off the season would thay pay compo to the clubs

As @simon says yes the game is still on

y has the powers that be suspened the footy just for heath reasons but let 70,000 people go to the gold cup that could mean 70,000 carries to the four corners of the uk


or is it that toffs will not get it

imo if u going to get it u will with the best will in world all the hand washing will not stop u getting it look at the things u touch ATM door handals zebra crossings it onley needs 1 person not to wash hands u get it

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Shopping trolley’s are my biggest fear, did you see that story in the news earlier about that bloke licking a pole on the bus? the one people hold on to, he got jailed. Think it was in Belgium?

The pole people hold onto a lick :wink::joy:

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would,nt you have to walk on your hands across the zebra crossings ?

I would imagine we all have the biggest contact risk when we buy or sell exchanging money ( coins, notes ) perhaps we should all demand that anyone giving money should give the coins a spray and the notes a wipe😂 In all seriousness I went to my building society yesterday to find the cashiers wearing latex gloves!!!


Whats the view on takeaway food , do you think it,s a risk ?

If i am owed money i ask them to just transfer it now :smile:

Yes you can get heart disease

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i think when young and fit and no heath problems start dieing then u will see a gov change its tune