Former player reveals last seasons woes

Just saw this on Vital Walsall this doesnt sound like a well well run club .
.A pod cast by joe masi on the 1st nov with jack fitzwater where he said mate so much went on last year that you don’t know about” behind the scenes’ Masi then stated ‘ It wasn’t a happy camp, Walsall’

Masi then went on to talk about how this might have played a part in the transfer circus that happened surrounding Fitzwater in January of this year, Masi said ‘ I think he had serious, serious doubts about going back to Walsall’ We then know what happened with the, ‘Will he won’t he sign?’

What the hell was going at the club looks like nothing changes.

Completely forgot all about this player.

Did he get loaned out anywhere this season or is he just gathering dust in their under 23s?

Thought he had decent potential in his first spell. Second spell was all the messing about as you say then he signed, had a dodgy few games and then was just used as back up to Dan Scarr which is a bit worrying for the direction his career is going in.

Seems bitter.

Gathering dust by the looks of it, no first team appearances for anyone this season.

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He’s only confirming what the majority of us know…

Yet people continue to blame the fans :man_shrugging:t3:


Where are these people that don’t think their was serious issues with the club and that it was the fans? :man_shrugging:


Are you playing stupid for the fun of it lol?

There was plenty of posts blaming the fans for certain players leaving :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah that’s not the same as blaming the fans for serious issues behind the scenes.

If playing stupid is saying there were clearly far more than one or two contributing factors to our dismal performance last season then yeah, I’m playing stupid :+1:

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Read my post and explain where I state that there wasn’t other reasons?

Seems to me your just looking for an argument, it’s the Season to be Merry chill out :+1:t2:


I’ve found EN is okay when he isn’t trying to look for an argument, I tend to ignore him now when he’s having a temper tantrum though. That’s my advice! :joy:


“Yet people continue to blame the fans” :joy:

Ok, you clearly aren’t saying that. Merry Christmas to you too.

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Not looking for an argument, I know how touchy fans get when they have to look in the mirror even slightly, so forgive me for thinking I’m being reasoned.

For Cook it was a contributory factor. That is well documented. More money was his main motivation of course.

I don’ t recall the fans solely being blamed for the ■■■■ we were/are in. Just that some social media comments were unhelpful in trying to keep our highest scoring player at the club.


I think the fans were pretty patient with the players: the team was playing crud football for a number of months before the fans started to get peed off. There was a string of performances: Oxford at home, Coventry away, Accrington and Wycombe away when we were absolutely awful and the players deserved what they got. The fans certainly did not cause those pee-poor performances, the players did. The antics of the likes of Cook and Leahy, continually giving it the big un, did not help and they have to take a lot of the blame for the fans’ reaction. If they’d been winning then they could have got away with their arrogance, but they weren’t.


too many bad apples last season from what i know namely leahy cook ferrier and ismail in fact cook and liam roberts came to blows at one point when cook tried to bully him so i was told.

Think there are still bad apples now. Defo bad attitudes.