Former players - where are they now?

Is it as bad as “Davey Jones is illegitimate he ain’t got no birth certificate he shags kids and he gets away with it dirty dingle bastard” :rofl:
I agree though chanting Daryll Clarke is a pedophile is a bit over the top he’s just a ex manager that tried his best at Walsall and it didn’t work he’s not the worst manager we’ve ever had and we’ll have worse Manager’s in the future.


It’s not just the slanderous referrals to DC - “We are Walsall, we are vile”??? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! :rofl:

PVFC Police are already aware and have messaged a couple of people already. DC is aware too, I think.


Good :smiling_imp:

He wasn’t even the worse manager we had last season !

He’s a good manager his record proves it and what he’s currently doing is very good Port Vale at this stage Will be disappointed to not finish top 7 while we are more hoping we do . Sometimes Manager’s just don’t fit look at Ray Graydon performs miracles at Walsall went to Bristol Rovers with probably more money to use and did nothing.


The first thing he had to do at Brizzle was release about half of the players. They had no money, had been doing poorly on the pitch, and were a total mess. He kept them up and the season he was sacked they stayed up comfortably. I’m not sure how long afterwards they fell into non-league, but in the circs he did OK there, but I think the fans expected more.

Reading about Graydon in the same conversation about Clarke has brought a bit of sick into my mouth.

On a related note I’m looking forward to seeing Sir Ray at the play off reunion night soon.


Why it’s the way football is Bristol Rovers fans think the same about Daryll Clarke as we do about Graydon didn’t he get back to back promotions and a Wembley appearance while he was there .

Russell Martin currently being touted as favourite for the Rangers job……

[gloomy mode]By far the most common answer to this question is ‘in the ground’.[/gloomy mode]

Taiwo Atieno just been appointed as Commercial Director of the Kenyan Premier League.


Bakayoko just scored for Bolton against Stockport FA cup replay. Live on BBC 2


Easiest goal he’ll ever score!
Great game of football and you wouldn’t have said there was 2 divisions between the teams!

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Rico Henry just put what I think is his first Premier League goal past a former loanee Karl Darlow.

It’s his second goal


Looks like Ben Chilwell out for rest of the season, think Rico will be getting England call up at some point in next 6 months.


Knowing Southgate he will probably play one of our many right backs on the left.

I hope he does get a chance though, aside from any money it may bring into the club, it is nice to see our young players go on and do well.


Don’t think Trippier got called up to last squad and him and Kyle Walker aren’t getting any younger.

Shaw playing terribly currently and other options like Betrand are just bench warming so really chance for Rico I think to get on the radar as he’s been pretty good for Brentford from what I’ve seen.

Two friendlies in March and then 3-4 nations league games in June so will be a few games to experiment.

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