Former players - where are they now?

Super Tom Bradshaw came on for Wales tonight.

Lovely to see. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there an add on for us ? :grin: :wink:

No there wont. We sold TB to Barnsley for an undisclosed fee in 2016 who subsequentally was loaned in 2019 to Millwall for 6 months who then paid £ 800K for him

So we would have had any add ons from Barnsley who the original contract was with

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Tom Bradshaw is ahead of Rico Henry in the pecking order to be selected by Southgate as England left back. :crazy_face:


Continued listening to WM after the game on Saturday and they hadt Byfield talking about the play off final win in 2001.

Ran through the full team and they mentioned Matt Gadsby who came on that day and set up Byfield’s goal.

Of course we all know the story of his passing. Looked up Wiki to see what year it happened and it was actually 9th September 2006.

17 years on. R.I.P Matt.


I’ll always remember Brett Angell being the first player we’d signed in my lifetime (I was 13 at the time) that I was amazed we’d managed to sign. Didn’t have a computer at home so was a complete surprise when the E&S came through our door that evening with the news.

Then after being in the front row at Millmoor for his debut brace, while my mates were all Beckham this and Giggs that, I swooned over big bad Brett. :heart_eyes:


I was talking to my neighbour yesterday, and he said that Mark Jones was living round the corner from me on the Wilkin estate Brownhills West, i didn’t know but according to Wiki he was born in Brownhills

And I think I read there were no add ons. At least we received nothing on top of the original fee (and we paid Shrewsbury sone of that)

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Remember being at Old Hill C C and seem to remember him scoring a hat trick on his debut (possible wrong). But it did have to be early in the season as I was watching cricket.

Didn’t realise Mark Halsey (Ex Referee) was George Millers uncle.

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Chris Hussey jobless :flushed:

We were really shit negotiating that Bradshaw to Barnsley deal, felt like we accepted at the first opportunity of the summer. Whether Bradshaw wanted to go or not, we had most of the summer to negotiate.

From memory Barnsley werent very happy with us, so we couldn’t have been that accommodating of them

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We have Kieron morris mom
We have Harry maguire a mom
When’s matts moms turn?

Wait till Chris Hussey ‘s mom turns up :joy:
Don’t forget Mama foden also .

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Just watching Southampton v Leicester Russell Martin taking a drubbing 1-4 he was another one of our exciting 33 year old signings we helped down the retirement path here 3 months 12 appearances appalling defender we don’t arf pick ‘em don’t we.cancelled his contract mutual consent everybody happy :laughing: .we ought to tap Bupa to sponsor us .maybe “The Bupa Suite.” We take enough of there old crocks .

Maz kouhyar scores for york city
Aaron williams scores for Newtown

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Blackett-Taylor for Charlton

Rico Henry being stretchered off at St James’s Park.

Zak Jules and Fitzwater in a defence thats conceded 9 for Exeter tonight. :grinning: