Former players


Hmmm, Rangers & Celtic have good crowds, it doesn’t mean Scottish football is good!


Cincinnati isn’t that much bigger than Walsall population wise so that’s pretty impressive!


They’ve probably got a strong, motivated marketing team working hard and reaching out to the community to attract fans, backed by a board of Directors that want to grow the Club, even in an country that isn’t big on ‘soccer’.

Now, I wonder why we aren’t getting bigger crowds…


Well you have a very good point the club should be doing more.

But I bet the Cincinnati Wildcats or whoever they are don’t have Premier League and Championship standard clubs charging the same price to get in on their door step to be fair.


Beats delivering pizza :pizza:

Florent Cuvelier: Morecambe sign former Walsall central midfielder


Joe Broad, head latrine attendant at Ashworth Hospital, Maghull


How can the game of football be so horrible to someone of his former talent? delivering pizza? really? makes you think :open_mouth:


The population of the city is about 300,000 but the Cincinnati metropolitan area population is about 2.1 million. So given that they are the only team in that area its maybe not that impressive.


No vile, dingles bag ladies and brummies to worry about then :wink:


Aha thanks, my mis-reading of wiki


Very easy to do!




Exactly.We have no “hinterland” to call our own. South staffs is mostly Dingle. Sutton ,Lichfield Vile.

Not sure it’s still the case,but teams with geographically large catchment areas used to have erratic attendances. Down when doing poorly and then suddenly through the roof when doing well or at Xmas. Think teams like Carlisle, Plymouth,Swansea.


You can add W***********n to that list.


Feel really sorry for the lad the way things turned out for him
Was full of promise until injuries ruined his career


Lucky he didn’t drop a 10" Deep Pan on his foot and break his metatarsal.


Randomly thought today what happened to some of the triallists who turned up this summer. Adam Mitchell was one, think he was at Boro.

Thomas Egert was another, saw him at Cheltenham and he was woeful, gave away two penalties and hardly won a header all game. Apparently Burton wanted to offer him a contract but don’t think they did in the end?


Tom Brewitt, set up Andy Cook’s first with a decent cross in the win over Ajax, is plying his trade for AFC Fylde in the National League.

No obvious news on Mitchell or Egert after a quick Google search.


I liked what I saw of Brewitt. I’d have taken him on.


Just read that Tom Williams, who spent some time with Walsall in 2011, is now playing for Hashtag United, which apparently is a real thing…