Former players


Ginnelly still hasn’t made the squad at Preston


Strange move that one. Would have made sense to send him back to us on loan for rest of the season if they had no intention of playing him.


He is also a recruiter up in Scotland


In today’s starting squads…

No sign of Oztumer (Bolton Wanderers)
No sign of Ginnelly (Preston North End)
No sign of Downing (Blackburn Rovers)
Will Grigg starts for Sunderland


Downing’s at Doncaster on loan. In the team today.


I believe from my Bolton supporting boss that Oztumer is out of favour at the Reebok (sorry, the Bolton University Stadium!)


Bakayoko flicked on a header for Hiwula to score Coventry’s winner.

Warming up for next week.


Oztumer was at Charlton ready to sign on deadline day but the replacement Bolton lined up, Ched Evans, wasn’t available.


This genuinely doesn’t surprise me, he’s nothing special.

Just got a lucky move.


Glad to see he’s found a club, always looked a decent prospect in youth games.


I always read good reviews about him. Another midfielder never given the oxygen to grow.

You have to play these players at our level, otherwise they will never reach it. Can they be any worse than what we have? Can C-Mollett be that bad of an option at left back? Is Candlin really that much worse than Gordon?


His attitude wasn’t great. Liked a booze.


I feel a lot of the good work Smith implemented through the youth section has died a death. Compare the development side now to how they played a few years ago and they have lost any identity, no ball retention or focus on playing from the back.

The team that won the Senior Cup a few years ago knocked the ball about, made up for the experience and physical advantages that senior teams had on them by out ‘footballing’ the opposition. Seems pretty disorientated and unstructured in the games I’ve watched recently, just like everything else.


That’s disappointing to hear. I can’t claim to have watched them at all recently but it’s hardly surprising none of them are shining in that system.

It sounds broken.

Years ago I remember the reaction to people finding out you were a Walsall fan was pretty universal. It was always “Ohh Walsall, nice little club. They always give the kids a chance there”. And as you say, something Smith revitalised.

Keates has been copping a lot of flak on here, some justified, some I’ve defended him against. But one of my biggest disappointments is the continued stagnation of youth players that began the moment Smith walked out. Particularly considering it’s the same chance he was given. And look how that turned out.

Maybe Butterfield wasn’t going to be our next big thing but I refuse to believe there is nothing in this youth team that can be. Or should that be “could have been”. We’ve got kids that have played INTERNATIONAL LEVEL youth football. And we are sending them to play in kick and chase evo stick leagues.


Like so many things, youth development seems to need evaluation and re-purposing.

I know a lot of people don’t buy into the ‘philosophy’ and ‘football DNA’ hype, but I think it’s an absolute tragedy that we allowed it to die once Smith left.


My nephew told me that Tobias Docherty went on loan to them today (Walsall Wood)


I’m sure I read somewhere that a couple of ex Walsall strikers scored today against some tin pot pension fund.


We only sent him there with the intention of getting some inside intelligence for when we have the A462 El Classico v the mighty Wood for when our Premiership dreams come to reality in a few years time

Pity it will be the Midland Football League Premier Division


Hiwula was class today as was that Wolves loanee. Baka fired up but still provided that open goal miss in the second (I think?)

Shame club couldn’t have got Jordy back in 2016. When he was here before he had to play second fiddle to Bradshaw but ideally I’d have used the wages for Jackson and Moussa to tempt him back and build the forward line around him.


Watching the Pompey game on Quest just now and had no idea Bryn Morris played for them.

Hasn’t done badly at this level since deemed no more than a bench warmer in 2016, was a regular for Sloppies last season.