Former players


It was Enobakhare that missed the open goal
I think. I thought it was Baka initially


One for the older generation, saw a bloke painting the outside of a house on York recently, his van read Jimmy Seal Painter & Decorator. I went across and asked if he was the ex footballer. He was amazed when i told him i remembered him for scoring against the Vile in our great win back in the early 70s, at Fellows Park ,he told me he should of scored the winner at Vile Park but the ball bobbled and shinned it wide.Said he only gets recognised as a York and Darlington player so was glad i knew him from his Walsall days. I told him that he will always be famous in Walsall as one of the 11 that beat Villa that day.


Just to add another centre forward around the same time Chris Jones does the match day summarising for Radio York on York City games. Often mentions his days at Walsall.


According to the official records our scorers against the Villa were Morris(2) and Taylor(Pen).It was Seal’s second match for us. He scored in the next home match a 3-0 win against Gillingham. The following season Manning scored in a 1-1 draw.Both away games ended 0-0…the gate being over45,000 in the second one at Villa Park.
I also remember Chris Jones…not one of the best but an honest ,hardworking CF. Thanks for stirring my memory of what was a rather dull period of 3rd division football prior to the arrival of the “Buck”.


Jimmy Seal… another one for us olduns



A little later, but mentioning ‘Jimmy’s’ and York City, I remember Jimmy Williams scoring an absolute cracker for us in a 1-0 win at Bootham Crescent, on an absolutely freezing Friday night, just before Christmas in 1979.


Maybe he tried to claim the glory for one of the goals no wonder he was more interested in the one he missed at villa park. I was at the 3 0 win but was only 10 so my memory isnt so good


Another forward in that era was Dave Wilson, my dad told me he was Harold Wilson the prime ministers son.


Yes I remember him too although I think your dad was being mischievous. Similar to Chris Jones…hardworking and useful but not one of our best. Incidentally the chance Seal missed at Villa Park I think I remember it… It was at the Holte End and from where I was he was about a yard from the line and I thought we were going to go one up. It was our only chance of the game and was late on if I am correct.Thanks for reminding me of these players…they are all part of the history of our Club and should not be forgotten.UTS


Ye found that out when i told my mates at school and got mick took out of me. Was only about 8 at the time.


Christmas Eve and nobody knew we had signed him as we obviously didn’t have Internet then and had to wait for the evening paper the following day for our news.


I remember those days,there was a stampede in our house to get to the door and be the first to read the sports page in the E&S.I also remember listening to news at ten on ITV in midweek hoping that at the very end of the program they would read the football results out,sometimes they did,but mostly you had to wait till the next morning and get the Daily Mirror to find out.Bit like now really…waiting to get a mention on on a Radio WM phone-in.


Has Ginnelly actually played for Preston yet? Wasn’t too fussed when he left but just seems a very bizarre transfer as he never stuck me as championship standard even if he did o.k this season.


Not even been in a squad yet, but I must admit I liked him and we’ve gone down hill since he left.


Andy Petterson last known sighting pulling a milk float I believe.


See Emmanuel ledesma is playing in the MLS with FC Cincinnati, what a player he was!!!


Ginnelly was on the bench for Preston today


Oztumer on the bench for Bolton Wanderers, but neither he nor Ginnelly got a game…


Ginelly is way out of his depth… fair play to his agent.