Former players


Brett Angell is now in NZ managing my local team, Hawke’s Bay United.


Sentences you never thought you’d type nunber 128.

David Zdrilic is an under 17s coach at Red Bull Leipzig.


What have the Albanians ever done to deserve THAT!


Zigor Aranalde first team coach at Watford. Ben Purkiss now chairman of the PFA.


Netan Sansara is at Gefle IF in the Swedish Second Division.


Jeff Peron is U-15 coach at SM Caen.


DIdier Tholot is manager of Ligue 2 side AS Nancy.


Funny how times and second careers change for ex-footballers. I remember George Andrews becoming a park keeper in Tipton.


Just noticed this morning that Liam Dickinson is now plying his trade for FC United of Manchester.


Siggi Eyjolfsson was the Head Coach of China’s Women’s national team for a short time last year!


The re-organisation of the non-league pyramid for next year means that the plethora of midlands sides that were in the Northern Premier League (or Evo Stick League) now shan’t be visiting Rossett Park (or the Arriva Stadium) home of my local side AFC Marine.

This denies me my regular “oh so that’s where he is now” moments when watching the Mariners. Biggest fall in recent seasons to that level must by Daryl Westlake who is still only 27 and yet has had a couple of seasons at Stourbridge.

Towards the end of last season I got to see Karl Hawley playing up front for Sutton Coldfield Town.

I’ll also miss the visit of Rushall Olympic who’s visits allow me to do the same thing but with fans. The odd thing there is that some of those fans still seem in the habit of adorning their Walsall clobber whilst following Rushall. It might be different elsewhere but my experience of non-League fans is that they often get uppity if you ever ask them who they really support.


Bit like when I get asked ‘but who is your Premiership team?’.


That’s easy. I always say Harlequins.


If ever I get asked that, I often break into a full on rant about the disgusting money swashing around the top tier for a full 15 minutes. By that time, they wish they never asked…


I just say Walsall, which confuses them.


Just say ‘Oh I’ve always supported West Hamspurs, ever since I went to my first home game at New Trafford’


Now there was a player that made Bakayoko look like a Real Madrid superstar!


Matt Richards is currently with Bath City (National League South).


Many years ago when I used to do a bit of football reporting for the “Sporting Chronicle”, ie. the long since defunct Newcastle version of the pink, I covered Gateshead away at Marine. Had to battle for one phone in a press box that was basically a wooden tree-house behind the goal, accessible by a rickety ladder (treacherous after a few pints!). One side of the pitch was the back-gardens of houses of the adjacent street. Remember an un-stopppable 15 stone plus centre-forward called Camden who looked like an outsize Freddy Mercury, and the manager had been there for about 30 years, can’t remember his name but he seemed to basically run the whole club including the after-match pies. Great football club!


Florent Cuvelier is on trial with Scunthorpe