Former players


Chris Camden, scored 36 goals for Stafford Rangers to win the Golden Boot in the conference in 1989/90, I think. Ended up at Marine and was an absolute beast. Had the misfortune to mark him once in game, the season after the Golden Boot one, when I was a seventeen year old drafted in from the youth team. He had more strength in his neck that I had full stop!


Jimmy Walker confirmed as head goalkeeping coach at sunderland


Anyone remember Martin Brittain? Played once for us in 07/08. Had that horror leg break when he played at gateshead


Another kiwi. Danny Hay now coaching Eastern Suburbs in the NZ national league.


Brittain last heard of at Ashington AFC.


Steve Corica now manager of Sydney FC


It is a great football club Geordie you’re right. If Walsall ceased to exist or my aging body made trips to Walsall impossible it would be there rather than Goodson or Anfield where I would get my live football fix.

There’s a new(ish) stand that replaced the one you mention. Was conceived at a time Marine wouldn’t be allowed up to the next level because of the limitations of the ground. Sadly, since building the new stand and making themselves eligible they haven’t made it and have been far closer to slipping down a level. The new stand enables segregation too which would mean Marine could host a biggish FA cup game on their own turf. They had to switch a game with Rochdale about 20 years ago because of this. I’ve only seen the ground segregated twice. Both times for the visit of FC United which became a proxy fixture for Man United and Liverpool fans to have a pop at each other. I saw regulars walk out of one of these games. Which I got. If your Merseyside choice of football is Marine you’re consciously opting into a far more sedate, friendly and sociable experience. An experience that sometimes catches me out to be honest.

The two sides of the ground are still the back yards of houses with the house numbers on boards adjoining the pitch so that the ball boys know which door to knock to retrieve the ball!


Joey Butlin resigns for Walsall Wood


Scored their equaliser against Blackpool yesterday and nearly won it with a header that struck the underside of the bar.


Jordan Murphy signs for Solihull Moors (managed by Tim Flowers)


The Harlow Messi <3


I liked Matt Richards, never understood why some people didn’t rate him. Although he did go a bit ‘The Hill Have Eyes’…


I loved the bloke. An honest, hardworking professional who would show flashes of brilliance. He was the scapegoat for many.


No offence, but I love the typo “escape goat”. Sounds like a literal goat for escaping :joy::joy::joy:



You all know what I meant!! Bloody phone! :joy:


Escaped or otherwise, can it play centre-half?


There’s only one GOAT at CB



Jermaine McSporran now working in an Unipart warehouse in Oxford, according to good old wikipedia.


George Evans has signed for Derby.


Craig MacGillivray, having rejected a new contract with the Sloppies, made his Portsmouth debut on Saturday and kept a clean sheet.