Former players


Fair play. He was highly rated when he came. But then he wasn’t rated internally by those at the club after a while seeing him training. I hope he has a decent career, he seemed a decent lad prepared to work hard.


I think he got motm welsh? certainly got fantastic reviews for his performance :+1::+1:


Alex Nicholls - two goals on his debut for Crewe.


Anybody mentioned Gary Birch now manager at Walsall Wood who’s assistant is former Walsall academy and reserve Richard Teesdale who had a decent career in non league, Hereford, Telford, Hednesford and Chasetown.


Tommy Mooney’s son scored twice for Aston Villa’s youth team tonight.


Kevin Toner now plays for St. Patricks Athletic in Ireland. Awful defender.


Sounds about his level.


Anthony Gerrard is at Carlisle. He’s only 32, his career seems to have nosedived. Never as good as Scott Dann but even so, he’s lower down than I would have expected. Not sure if he had a bad injury. Then again, he was built for comfort when we saw him with Oldham in the last season or two, which wouldn’t help…


I think that he has always been in his cousins shadow, and maybe always gave it the big one? i know he was seen as a disruptive influence in the dressing room, and maybe managers have been put off of him over the years because of it.


I hadn’t heard he was disruptive. He always seemed a leader on the pitch.
When you think a decade or so ago our regular “back five” was Ince, Weston, Fox, Gerrard and Dann. Blimey, some of the garbage we’ve had since then. :roll_eyes:


Think he had his contract terminated at Oldham for gross misconduct , so would seem to be a bit of a problem now :rage:


changed your mind about tomorrow yet chunkster , could really do with the support ?:thinking:


Not yet mate, but i have said in the past never say never, my love for the team has never diminished,they will always be my team, you just can’t forget nearly 50 years of loving and supporting something, but the last fans forum with bonser just did it for me, he just seems to think he can do whatever he wants and we will follow blindly like sheep. If only he would give some indication that he has listened to us and even meet us halfway then i would give 100% to his 50%, but i don’t think he can see through the fact that he needs to make money whatever the consequencies end of.


I know exactly what you’re saying mate and i’ve felt like you for so long but it was great going back and getting that buzz again , it’s not the same listening to WM and watching the scorer’s come up on BBC sport on the PC
I’ve missed going so much and i also feel he’s laughing behind his hand at us for keep turning up … but it’s our team isn’t it ?
One day he may bite the bullet and really shed out on the team or maybe just empty the piggy bank and go


I would be happy with either :wink:


Let me know when you change your mind and i’ll buy you a pint before the game


cheers buddy will do :wink:


Former Walsall number 1 Neil Etheridge is a first choice Premier League 'keeper for Cardiff City. Just saved his second penalty of season against Newcastle… And I thought he was over rated for us! :astonished:


Etheridge is one of those keepers who has match winning quality in him.

Yes he’ll make a misjudgement or two on crosses and also get lobbed from 40 yards but look at the points he’ll win for you over the season. Looks comfortable at premier league level tbh. Good luck to him,

Great thread btw, so many players Walsall gambled on and have faded into obscurity since. Anyone remember Jamie Tank, left for Wolves, don’t think he played for them and wouldn’t have a clue what division he’s in now.


Nicky Featherstone scored for Hartlepool the other night in the national league. Been there a few years. Was an o.k squad player here.

When you look at the amount of names in this thread who’ve gone from playing for Walsall to non league in 3-4 years, maybe Dean Smith overachieved a fair bit in his time in charge?