Former players


His last club was Rushden & Diamonds, not sure if he is still there !


Rene Gilmartin. Who is now an unused ‘keeper at Colchester having been pretty much an unused ‘keeper everywhere he has been since he left us.

From memory he said some pretty derogatory things about us after he left for Watford. Stuff about him being undervalued and Watford being a step up.

Well, eight years and many clubs later, the fact remains that his number of league appearances post Walsall (2010-present) is still less than during his time with us (2005-2010).


Neil Emblen - Coach at Western Springs FC , [Auckland] , fomer NZ assistant coach and caretaker manager


Paul Hall is a coach at QPR. So how’s that working out then, Paul?

To be fair, he works with the young 'uns, I don’t think he’s involved with the first team car crash.

Always liked him as a player, inconsistent though he was. Good song too.


Paul Hall was technically superb, remember him receiving a 40 yard pass running very fast, he trapped it immediately like it was the simplest thing in the world.


I bumped into Steve Staunton with his missus, both kitted out in tracksuits and baseball caps buying some baguettes and cakes in a bakery shop in Bloxwich Saturday, then passed them both while driving walking down the Stafford Rd towards the park!


Staunton lives in Shenstone, was waiting for a train there and he got off at that stop.


Jon Maken boss of Radcliffe live on BBC in the cup.


Just seen this on SkySports about former centre-back Pablo Mills…


I know the name but have no memory at all of him playing for us :thinking: I’m wondering if he was one of the 7,312 players Merson signed on loan? Just can’t think of him at all, or when it was. Which makes me think of Merson, there was a lot of dross back them, mostly forgettable, apart from the really, really terrible ones. :scream:
Either that or we signed him as cover when we were good, just in case, but he didn’t need to play.


Julian Ngoy has just joined Grasshoppers of Zurich on loan from Stoke. (Good News! - Means he’s not coming back to us!)


Jason McCarthy on loan at Wycombe, shame really as thought he was on the up for still a young lad


Signed there permanently


Championship was a step to far I think , loads of energy but perhaps lacked in the technical area of his game.


Never realised it was permanent pal, I’m sure he will come good again


Was surprised to see him go there. Think he’s got a good relationship with fans, players and his ex-Saddlers boss Gareth Ainsworth


Oh right, well I think after Barnsley’s start he won’t be too missed but i think still a very good young player for league 1 level! Just hope we have got a decent centre half signed waiting still to be announced :pray:


Fingers crossed - desperately needed


Mystery man Bielik scored for Charlton today!

If he actually counts as a former player of course…


Think he only just qualifies as a former player …