Former players


na :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder what happened behind the scenes there that arsenal had to kick out an injured youngster on loan for half a season.


Did he trap it with his mOssive head? :smiley:


Remember singing it to him at Northampton away and a bloke behind me started having a go at us saying we were all racist. Paul Hall loved it! We have some strange fans. Think it might have been Gripper from the old site :joy:


Good old theatrical Gripper. :grinning:

On how many occasions did he announce his UTS retirement? :space_invader:


Wayne Thomas works at my place I’ve found out.


So he’s definitely left the marketing depart at Walsall?


I believe he left at the end of July to take up a new role elsewhere.


Wayne Thomas was doing the MC duties last home game -he interviewed Rambo on the stage in the Floors To go lounge before the game.


Cash in hand no doubt lol :clinking_glasses:


Not if Mr Bonser’s anything to do with it …:joy:


True, although he does have a beer in the bar after some games. He is still a good lad though and would have been a great player too


Looks like former captain and Saturday’s opponent Andy Butler is focussing on coaching rather than refereeing now when he retires. Completed his A License.


Darren Byfield, Manager at the “beautiful” Stratford Town.


Not anymore, left in the last fortnight.


Oh dear. That went well then?!


Not being allowed to manage the club apparently. Make of that what you will.


Comedy of errors apparently…:grin:


Said he couldn’t stand watching the team " play acting" all the time.


The course of true love never did run smooth…