Former players


Sounds like it will be a winter of discontent.


Once more unto the breach.


O, now, for ever. Farewell the tranquil mind; farewell content.


If football be the food of love, play on.


"Men may come and men may go, but I go on for ever"

(Tennyson - with respectful reference to Mr. J. Bonser)


I think it all went wrong when he tried sign that Scottish play-er.


Apparently he’d got a bard attitude


He should unknit it that threatening unkind brow.


He’s really fallen foul of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


Hes gone to the Globe Theatre of Dreams


All the world’s a stage, and these are former players.


He’s always injured?


Is this a Daniel Agger I see before me?


After his pound of flesh?


Bryn Morris scored and played for Wycombe in their 2-2 draw at Portsmouth. A Sean O’Driscoll signing who played about 13 seconds of football for us.


Nicky Featherstone scored for Hartlepool on Saturday.


Expect the number of WRULD (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder) claims to increase amongst Scottish linesmen shortly.


Wtf is a " bounce game" ?


According to wikipedia

A bounce game is generally a non-competitive football match played between two sides usually as part of a training exercise or to give players match practice. Managers may also use bounce games as an opportunity to observe a player in action before offering a contract. Usually these games are played on a training ground rather than in a stadium with no spectators in attendance.

Never heard the expression before


So basically all games in Scotland, then? :grinning: