Former players


It can’t be a proper game or Jackson wouldn’t of got a hat trick :rofl::rofl:


I always felt that Jackson was a victim of the Whitney era. The constant formation changes meant he never got chance to play in a pair, which he was clearly much more suited to. Much like Leahy and Devlin, because we went so far away from the planned formation so early, we never really got to see the best of him.


That might be partially true but he went massively down hill, a combination of fitness and confidence I guess. Didn’t exactly change on loan at Grimsby.


Jackson is just another player to add to the growing list who takes from the game and gives nothing back.

All he is doing is blocking youth development!


Scored on his debut and got injured in his 3rd match


He did better than I thought then!


Jackson has signed for St Mirren, Reece Flanagan also got a deal with Leamington.


What helping out at the local spar. …


Forgot all about Flanagan, would’ve thought someone in the National league would’ve given him a deal (Solihull Moors etc) so big drop early on in his career.


What happened to Alex hickman? also we have two lads with the surname around 2009 I think anyone know who I’m on about ?


I’d pin this article all over the training/dressing room areas. Sangha, Cockerill M, Kinsella, Kouyhar etc etc

League 1 this year, League None the year after.


Osbourne and Osborne?


Not that I want to defend Whitney, but according to Wiki, Jackson has scored 15 goals in about 120 appearances since 2013 (bounce games not included) so he’s been disappointing for a while, not just at Walsall. On the other hand, it was garbage under Whitney, so you might have a point.


Like a few others, I felt a bit sorry for Jackson.

If he was playing in this current side alongside Ferrier I think he’d do a lot better and I actually believe we would be a better side. His experience and know-how would offer a good balance.


Alex Nicholls ???

Not sure if his carrer ever fully recovered from the terrible leg break whilst at at Northampton.

He spent a couple of years at Barnet , but now at Crewe.


I think every player who we had under Whitney has shown some improvement. Not drastic in some cases,but up to run of the mill from out of their depth.

Let’s face it,we were very lucky not to go down last season. It was only Ozzie’ s rabbits out of hats and DK coming just in time which saved us.


apologies would of helped if I named them… last name was davies, not sure on first names.

what happened to david McDermott ?


Last I heard of him was when he’d been ripped off by Michael McIndoe, not sure what it was, some kind of pyramid selling scheme perhaps. Anyhow, Diddy David lost a bizarre amount of money (six figures I’m sure) for a “nothing” footballer. Perhaps he’d won the lottery or had rich parents but it seemed a lot for a player who was never a regular, even in the third tier. We must pay bigger wages than we thought :grinning:


I see Peter Crouch came on in the 89th minute for Stoke against Bolton on Tuesday - which meant he spent a minute plus injury time on the same pitch as Oztumer. Wonder if there’s any pictures of them standing next to each other???


Teams in the upper divisions of the pyramid like your Leamingtons and Stourbridges can pay out some decent money which on top of a steady wage will mean they are equal or exceeding lads of their age at a Pro Club but with far more stability … non league clubs do put some players on “contracts” that guarentee them the money. You could argue that although Flannegan isn’t living the dream he is on the right path

Names I see in local non league football …

Sean Geddes is at Quorn playing in the same team as Russell Hoult

Harry Harris is at Lichfield City

KrisTaylor at Romulus

Kyle Rowley and Peter Till are playing for Byfield, Birch & Teesdale at Walsall Wood

Stefan Moore just went to Tamworth

Mcquilken is at Telford