Former Saddlers Club

Does anyone know whats happening with the Building?

Perhaps they should make it into a launderette, so we could once again have a laundry end.

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That would be good for Liam Roberts to get two lots of clean sheets on a Saturday.


Be good to have a gym and drive through costa coffee built within the space with a kids soft play.
Could have its own access road built and dedicated parking ! Bit like a mini-resort world, railway, stadium, hotel, conferencing, coffee, gym and play area…

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It’s got a sauna, a solarium, all under one roof, that’s the future.

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The Venue Birmingham could be its name

Just knock it down and have a few extra parking spaces.

Perhaps it could be turned into a Bonser Museum, where we could all pay homage to our saviour.


Fantastic idea complete with a bronze statue of him and wallet outside the entrance.

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Good idea, that would be a public convenience.


Former Saddlers Club sounds like somewhere stayaways could meet to talk about the good old days.


Thought this topic was about this place for a moment…


Have they got a Snooker table in there Dave?

Sadly not mate :cry::cry:

So many memories of walking up to the turnstiles up there Dave.

Sure I can see the fellows park ghost in the top window on that picture.

One I took during 88-9 Alan…


I thought children were the future, or was that garlic bread?


I hear Bonser has a rather large washing machine in Cyprus.

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A headless chicken no doubt?