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UpTheSaddlers promotes a free exchange of opinion surrounding all things Walsall Football Club and we’re proud to have a strong online community. To maintain this, we remind users old and new to respect all fellow posters and the rules of the forum.

Forum Rules :warning:

  • No txt spk or slang
  • No foul or offensive language/content (don’t dodge the fudge swear filter)
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language/content
  • No indecent, harmful, pornographic or otherwise illegal language/content
  • No publication of personal details or contact information without prior permission
  • No threatening, abusive or bullying behaviour
  • No libellous or defamatory language/content

Forum Etiquette :speech_balloon:

  • Be civil and respectful
  • No replicated threads
  • No bickering or name-calling
  • Don’t use threads for personal conversations
  • Don’t use the forum to promote a product/website/blog without prior consent
  • Respect the anonymity of fellow users
  • Be welcoming to new members of the forum

Last Updated: March 2023

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