Forum Guidelines

UpTheSaddlers promotes a free exchange of opinion surrounding all things Walsall Football Club and we’re proud to have a strong online community. To maintain this, we remind users old and new to respect fellow posters and the rules and etiquette of the forum.

Forum Rules :warning:

  • No racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language/content
  • No indecent, harmful, pornographic or otherwise illegal language/content
  • No publication of personal details or contact information without prior permission
  • No threatening or bullying behavior

Forum Etiquette :memo:

  • Be civil and respectful
  • No offensive or abusive language/imagery
  • No libelous or defamatory content/imagery
  • No bickering, name-calling or baiting

Chat/Direct Messaging :speech_balloon:

  • The Forum Rules extend to direct messaging and chat facilities
  • Any unwanted or abusive messaging should be reported to a moderator
  • Abuse sent via chat/DM will be sanctioned as it would be on the public forum
  • Don’t share the private content of DMs/chats on the public forum

Blocking :no_entry_sign:

  • We ask that the blocking facility is used sparingly and sensibly
  • Don’t reference or @ a user you have blocked, as they have no right to reply

External Links :link:

  • Users are personally responsible for outbound links shared on UTS
  • Always post context to a link if a description is not pulled from the source website

Moderation :eagle:

  • Report inappropriate or off-topic posts using the flag functionality
  • To report a user, send a DM to a moderator
  • Don’t ignore moderation
  • Decisions can be discussed with Simon via DM, not on the public forum

Sanctions :zap:

  • Ignoring moderation:
    User instantly silenced for 24 hours
  • Breach of Forum Rules:
    Instant long-term suspension or permanent ban
  • Breach of Forum Etiquette:
    3rd warning = 1 week suspension
    4th warning = 2 week suspension
    5th warning = month/permanent suspension

For any formal issues, please email [email protected].

Last Updated: April 2024

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