Freddie Draper podcast

We provide the latest on Freddie Draper with an interview with Ben Ward from the Stacey West Blog, who tells us about Lincoln and the situation with Draper.

Ben talks to us about Lincoln’s strike force and what has been said about Draper by the manager.

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We hope you enjoy


Good listen guys and hope Lincoln do infact get someone else in and let us keep Freddie for the season UTS

It’s looks inevitable that Draper will go back but as a positive it moves DJ up to third choice striker and hopefully he can find another club in January too.

Would rather we started playing DJ with Jamma if Freddie does go.


Absolutely mate, couldn’t agree more.

Cheers mate

I hope they do leave him, as Ben said, playing a full season will help him develop, where he may return to sit on the bench.