Free Agents?

Are there any free agent strikers still out there who may be worth trying? Can’t be worse than the 4 we have.

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I’m happy to have a go.

I’m absolute crap so at worse, there would be no difference.


Danny Graham was let go by Sunderland not sure if he has a club yet.

The club could use the £7K of fans money that Rob has collected and provided.
Sign someone for 2 or 3 weeks. Anything is worth a try at the moment.
However that £7K will no doubt disappear into some odious vacuum, with no feedback on how spent.


Bet he is scurrying round trying to find another £ 1,500 to add to it to send to Cyprus for next week’s donation to the Bonser pot

In one hand and out of the other…it’s what the club was set up to do 20 years ago so why change



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Have a play around and do some scouting.

Its slim. Best i found was Ishmael Miller

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At the moment we are looking for players that will pay us the for the privilege of training and playing with us and mow the grass, and lick floor clean wit’ tongue

Players nowadays don’t know thy are born

We could try Windy Miller as well while we’re at it.

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At least we know he can grind out a result.

Trouble is that we got no dough mate

Well apart from the money recd for our two only form players, the wages saved in the budget from Guthrie (who was only given a new deal last year when Covid had already hit so I assume we could afford it then) and the compensation and wages saved on Clarke.

I don’t think there is anyone out there, but money shouldn’t be the issue.

Hi mate, think you may have got the wrong end of the stick if you read back the last 3 posts were

  1. We could try Windy Miller as well while we’re at it.
  2. At least we know he can grind out a result.
  3. Trouble is that we got no dough mate

We may have raised all of that but ca £ 450k has disappeared again in the last 12 months to the underground lair with little or no other substantial other income to pay it with

Im not at all certain that we have had any meaningfull support on the rent from you know who. I am sure if we had, we would have been informed of this important fact , although I may be wrong


Ohhh it’s a pun thread! Sorry had a woosh moment there.

George Thorne looks a good signing off that list

& he’s the type that likes to get stuck in…

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Prickly temperament as well so I’ve heard.

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He’s no good he blows hot and cold.

Something something Jack Rose.


Our squad is a mess, we need someone to sort the wheat from the chaff.