'Friend for a Fiver' Marketing Issues


Interesting that the club use the re-arrangement of the AFC Wimbledon game as an excuse for the late marketing of the Friend for a Fiver offer versus Rochdale.

The public announcement that the Wimbledon tie (scheduled for Jan 26th and the original offer game) had been re-arranged was made on Jan 7th, giving the club a clear four weeks to sort the logistics and marketing for the Rochdale game on Feb 2nd.

That’s a hell of a lead time when you consider the offer was announced via a 100 word web article 24 hours before the game. Fob-off answer from the club or a severe lack of dynamism in their marketing approach?


I read that and thought yhe same - ■■■■ poor from the club. Its either an after thought from the fans forum where they genuinely thought it was a good idea, or someone forgot to market the offer in the first place.


Was it mentioned at the focus meeting? I can’t remember.


This is very likely, but they wouldn’t want to admit that.


The marketing at the club is poor in general in my opinion, but I think that boils down to the fact that there simply aren’t enough staff at the club in many positions.

The marketing manager is also the supporter liaison officer/Gamble’s PA and probably something else as well behind the scenes.

Just like there never seems to be enough people doing their job on a matchday, I reckon it’s much the same behind the scenes. It absolutely staggers me how bad we are at community outreach these days (I don’t mean hospital trips for charity, I mean in terms of attracting paying customers).


Agree, no doubt the marketing team has a high workload, thinly stretched skill-base, long hours and entry level wages.

Can’t shake the feeling that this kind of slack approach to marketing for an event at the Venue just wouldn’t happen though.


I’ve said so many times previously. Marketing and WFC is basically a shambles, they seem to adopt a completely ad-hoc approach.

Marketing works best when it revolves around a planned strategy with a clear results based outcome but of course that’s something that’ll be alien to the board of WFC because it would involve an element of clarity and communication…



I agree that the marketing is poor but I have to disagree that it’s due to personnel numbers - that doesn’t stand up because there are loads of folk tagged to ‘sales & marketing’ type roles at the club (I think at least half a dozen at last count) and we are basically a £5M turnover business…

Any organisation that size could and should be handling marketing easily with a relatively small number of people - many businesses of that size wouldn’t even have a marketing dept (they’d out-source their PR and marketing to much better effect IMO…)


The offer wasnt mentioned but it was raised about having more offers and reduced prices to attract fans