Friend for a Fiver


The football club have just announced this, season ticket holders can buy an additional ticket for tomorrow’s game against Rochdale for just £5.

A shame this is only being advertised 24 hours before the game. It’s a good initiative from the club and something that could have been plugged on this and several other Walsall FC sites all week.

Just required some forward thinking and better communication.


When was this decided FFS?
It is a shambles. Many will have already purchased tickets and those that can take advantage will now have to queue at the ticket office before the game, along with everyone else. In Larry Hagglers case for the second time.

They really don’t do themselves any favours, do they?


Bit ■■■■■■ off with this as I’m a season ticket holder and was buying a ticket for my brother for tomorrow.
Just had a text from my brother after this came through to let me know for when I get his ticket.
Only problem is I called up lunchtime yesterday and bought it for collection tomorrow. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Agree. Perhaps a more pro-active way to market this deal would be to:

  1. Send a blanket email to season ticket holders on Monday and Wednesday
  2. Push it solidly on social media channels all week
  3. Mention the deal alongside every new signing made this week, build momentum
  4. Make the local press aware of the deal and ask them to plug it through publication/social media
  5. Communicate with supporters sites such as UTS/Vital/Bescot Banter and ask them to plug it to followers

Instead, we get the info 24 hours before the game.


I’d call them and give them a right round of ■■■■■


I have no friends so I’m not arsed.


Imagine they’ve just decided on this today but I agree there’s no planning - we can only offer these however many times a season and this was an opportunity wasted to make the most of it and for fans to take up the offer


Or a season ticket :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Or any sense for supporting Walsall FC :joy:


A really great summary Simon.
I think something like this should be taken to the meeting with Gamble as an example where they’re going wrong but also as a suggestion what they could do right.


This is the thing, it’s such a good solid offer from the club and exactly the kind of thing we’ve been calling out for.

But the execution is awful, I mean, Ryan Jarvis awful.


Especially when they complain about people not buying in advance and then the people who have in this case will have missed out thanks to giving us 24 hours notice


This offer has been proven not to work. They did it against Charlton and it was sub 4k attendance.

How many times to we have to tell them that these offers don’t work. Getting very tiresome.

Maybe they could work; if the marketing team knew what they were doing! That’s a big if.


I like the friends for a fiver and have used it almost every time its been out there in the last couple of seasons but - an email at 1030 on the day before the match!?
Come on Walsall marketing bods, give your collective heads a wobble will you?


The Charlton game was on a Tuesday to be fair, but even that makes it a rubbish match to choose for a ‘bring a friend’ deal.

Just seems a bit short-sighted and half-arsed doesn’t it?


Ticket sales must be down for this game. Smells of a panic move to me.


Exactly. They have obviously looked at the tickets bought today and thought ■■■■… we need to do something.



They’ve got 75k of missed transfer revenue to make up by close of play tomorrow, that’s an awful lot of fivers. Expect two for one on freezing cold pints, accompanied by a £1 admission charge to the newly painted bogs.


This is it, its always short term reactionary action when its too late instead of long term monitoring and implementing ideas with an overall aim to build.


The weekly email from the club has arrived, promoting the Rochdale game. Unbelievably, not a word about friend for a fiver.