Friend for a Fiver


Anyone got an idea how to sort this?

I have 3 friends coming tomorrow, problem is non of us have season tickets… Is it worth us asking through Vital Walsall etc? Bit of a bummer paying full price when they available at a 5a?


Thought it read Ferrier for a fiver then…


I knew it was friends for. £5 as I went to collect on Thursday when no one in the tickets office was sure, then they confirmed I was correct, but couldn’t sell me the tickets as it was not loaded on the system.

Now, how did I know it was friends for a £5 ? I can’t remember why but it must have been on Twitter or in the minutes from the fan meeting the other week

#timesupjeff #shamblestoptobottom


Was in two minds whether to go to be honest as it was the weather putting me off. I would have probably gone if I’d known earlier… However with the short notice it’s not worth having to queue up at the ticket office on a day which is forecasted to be 2/3 degrees… Their idea is people will turn up earlier to get their tickets to avoid queues meaning more revenue on drinks, food etc.

To be fair with the forecast etc. this announcement earlier would have persuaded people like me to think, I’ll go it’s only a fiver.


I’m going to the Match today but what annoys me is i have been 7 times this year due to work commitments as these are only Saturdays off when we are at home, as i have history of attending why can’t i bring a friend for a fiver, and yes i do have a couple of friend who would come at that price, even though one would prefer to go liverpool.


£75k plus an extra six months of wages, probably means an unexpected six figure hole in the books.

Friday morning panic at Bescot:-

“ Right - Dan, you sort a quick fan offer for tomorrow’s game and I’ll give Sky a quick call and promise them that even if we have ten call ups for next round of internationals we won’t call it off”

Problem halved.


You’re right Funk. They choose the least attractive games at the least attractive times. I doubt it actually works economically as many of those who take up the offer would have gone anyway. Especially with this twenty four hours notice nonsense.

Not sure how many people who never come to a game will have had a conversation with a friend over the last twenty four hours where going to watch Walsall vs Rochdale in freezing temperatures for five pounds will have trumped their previous plans for the day.


Nailed it there - flawed in every respect.

Let’s face facts they have no idea how to develop and sustain an attractive ticketing policy or even a sound strategy for growing our fan base or getting bums on seats on a match by match basis.


I was talking last night to a friend who is a Cambridge Utd fan. He was at Notts County a couple of weeks ago when admission was £2! The crowd was over 15k and Cambridge took 1600. Didn’t do Notts much good on the field though as the Us won 1-0!


Why should you? You don’t have a season ticket. It’s the same story if we ever get a big cup match non season ticket holders coming out with the well I’ve been to x amount of games so I should get the same


Your the type of moaning fan that helps our clueless board keep 6-7k empty seats in the ground every game.

What a pathetic attitude. Surely we just want & desperately need more support for the lads??


Ain’t moaning mate but I’m fed up of people who go to a few games whinging when they don’t get the same offer


I think the idea of the offers are to try and encourage stay aways and new supporters to come , not to ■■■■ people off who regularly go .


So they fail on both counts


They could pick how many games per season they know are going to be (more) poorly attended than others before it even starts and advertise so people know in advance …not 24 hours before

Couldn’t organise a ■■■■ up in a brewery


Well I’m sure that shower has tempted people’s mates to come back paying full price. ■■■■ me, if I’d never been before and my mate asked me to pay a fiver to watch that I’d genuinely be questioning their sanity and our friendship now.


The next offer will be the club paying you a fiver to turn up. :wink:


I would still tell em to stick it :laughing:


It would need to be a payment of £25


Might be worth sticking this in the Luton, Rotherham, Bournemouth Section @simon ?