Friend for a Fiver




Take a friend for a fiver , let them suffer terrible football , terrible catering and send them home in ■■■■ covered shoes!

Funnily enough my mates didn’t fancy it.

Superb long term planning from the club.


There are some finicky ■■■■■■■ about :smile:


I take it you’ll be attending then ?..:thinking: the Bradford game that is


Has bonser gone then??? has he sold the club to someone who cares about the fans? if so YES and i will be there with another 4000 fans :wink:


probably even more than that mate …


I know mucka, i meant 4000 plus the 4000 that already attend :wink:


And i mean’t the other 4000 that we’re going to start coming after the footballing side of things was put ahead of the non - football business side of things :wink::wink:

See thats’s 12000 already


:rofl::+1: bigger than blues AND albion :laughing:


We need a new ground :joy:


You’re right we definitely do without question :+1: