From a Gashead


You have an absolute diamond in Darrell.
You will love his total commitment and honesty…he won’t BS anyone.
He will set you up to win every game and you’ll see him ‘throw the dice’ late on to try and get 3 points rather than settle for a draw…this will mean you lose some games as a result of trying to win the game if that makes sense…stick with him and you’ll do just fine.
From now on you won’t know anything about any injured players…his reasoning is if you know how long player X is out for than so do the opposition so why let them know…you’ll suddenly see a player who has been out for a while in the match day squad and have no clue he was back fit again.
One thing with Darrell was we always got off to a poor start each season…if the same happens next season just trust the man as he will deliver in the end.
Wish to God our board hadn’t acted so disgracefully in binning a man who had given us so much…our loss is your gain.
Sit back, enjoy the ride and get behind a man who you will soon adore…
Best of luck next season…if we avoid the drop next season we’ll see you the season after.



DC was rightfully sacked appalling football and results.



Bristol Rovers and their alter egos. :joy:



I can’t wait for the new season to start now! Or the retained/released list. Listened to a few of his interviews and the way he talks about how he wants his players to play, act, behave, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets rid of every single one of them and starts a fresh.



There are a few that have no hope of getting a contract from Clarke. Think we’re going to see the dramatic re-build Keates was so desperate for.



You play the game with the players you have, not the players you wish you had.

His not understanding that might have been part of his problem.