Fulham (a) 1987


Mutual respect between both sets of fans that night, and from us towards all their players - except for Steve Hayward who got booed every time he touched the ball (more so when he scored the equaliser) as he was blamed for ending the career of one of our youngsters (whose name escapes me - Steph something?) when he was playing for Carlisle. I think it was mooted that he might sign for us at one point (he was originally from Walsall so we’re his home town club) but no way would the fans have stood for it.

If you want to relive the night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUHHp6hP27I


Stuart Ryder was the player and a very good prospect too


One of my work mates was Haywards best friend, and quite a few years ago Hayward was asked to hand out trophies at my nephews school brownhills comp, so i told my friend that i was going to turn up just to give him a smack for what he had done to ryder, so i turned up and as soon as my mate saw me he came right over with hayward and said"this is the guy who wants to kill you" and hayward just held his hand out and said " it wasn’t intentional" so i just shook his hand and said ok :joy: i felt such a wimp after giving it the bigun :rofl:


I would pay good money to relive that whole season.


I’d pay to go back in time and warn Barrie Blower about uncle Jeff and Peter Gilman…


Fair. Wonder what we’d have been doing in 98/99 then? :frowning: