Full backs

Nail, head :clap:

Yep and if I’m wrong I’ll at least stand by what I have said and admit it.

Name calling…there goes and credibility you had. Have a nice day.

Not sure how you drew that conclusion…


According to DARKOMAVRAK I know nothing about football because I dared to say that we needed at least 5 players to come in (until the transfer window shut, but at least 2 before the season started) a couple of days before the season started, but he was certain that we only needed two and that was it for transfer dealings.

We signed 7.

Guess Keates knows nothing about football too then.


But … you don’t know nuffink about football. :grinning::nerd_face:

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Hang on a sec. You’re stating that both full backs aren’t good enough and that you made your mind up on that after last season … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … Then why, days before a ball is kicked, were you saying we only needed to make 2 signings? On the basis that you regard both of them not good enough, and the fact we had 1 fit CB at the club (at the time), how did you come to the conclusion that we needed just 2 signings and that I “didn’t know anything about football” for suggesting we needed at least 5 (we signed 7 just so you know how monumentally wrong you were. Or does keates know sod all about football too?).

What a weapon.

Slightly annoys that most have written these players off after 1 season , yet the likes of Baka got backed until the day he left!!

What’s the difference?

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DARKOMAVRAK has been replying for ages. Can’t wait for his wisdom on this one.

Here is the bandwagon jumper…hi.

Obviously difficult for you to understand the first time…quick summary.

I said Keates had his hands tied due to the 2 year deals in place…therefore it would be a process of evolution, where Players should be signed gradually…as Contracts expire, those Players are replaced. I even mentioned Leahy and Devlin as examples.

So that’s what I said - not that Players’ shouldnt replaced - but this process was not instant.

If that’s the best you can do, I wouldnt bother in future!

I thankyou.

Maybe Keates understands from personal experience that having a poor season in a team almost relegated shouldn’t necessarily be a pre-cursor to the exit door. Using your resources prudently, as well as playing the transfer market also means getting a tune out of inherited contracted players, as Graydon most certainly did with the likes of him, Viveash, Roper, Walker, Watson, and Marsh, amongst others.

I’d love to know what more Devlin and Guthrie could have done this season? I don’t think they’ve had what you could call a bad game between them, and anyone is entitled to the occasional bad game even those on hundreds of thousands a week, yet alone playing for Walsall in the third division!!

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But his hands aren’t so tied considering he made 7. YES. 7 SIGNINGS!!! 7!! You wanted 2 and said that we shouldn’t sign anymore.

You - 2 - I know everything about football.
Me - 5 - I know nothing about football
Keates - 7 - Must be the thickest manager on the planet.

Your evolution theory in nonsense by the way, as proved by our very good start. 7 signings from the day before the season. 6th in the table, but nah, we only needed 2 players. You’re a genius. The almighty DARKOMAVRAK.

You should get into management.

Shut up, Nail Head! :wink:


:joy:I missed that! As if he thought you were insulting him! And he has the audacity to say I know nothing about football and that anyone disagrees with him doesn’t have a clue. Sums him up.

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Nail head is going in the swear filter, be warned…


My original comment at a point in time was 2, with the squad we had at that juncture.I then actually said 3 signings after Roberts got injured for the season - then with Baka going would mean 4. Then Candlin going would make 5. And with Chambers injured long term that would make 6.

So actually I was only one out eh?

:joy::joy: time to hang up the keyboard

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Clutching at straws Mr Self-righteous.

Nail Head.

You’ve got me bang to rights, Mazza…