Fundraising for Acorns

Surprise, surprise. Fundraising for Acorns once again!

There will be various competitions and fundraisers throughout the rest of 2022 into 2023, which will culminate in the same epic walk that myself, @TheBostedSlab, @SaddlerSteve and my mate Lewis completed last year.

Last time it took us 29.5 hours to complete the walk (including breaks and stops at the hospices in Walsall, Selly Oak and Worcester), coming in just under our 30 hour target. This time, the target is 24 hours including the breaks, so 5.5 hours to cut off, and we will be doing it the other way around. This means we will go from Walsall to Selly Oak to Worcester to Walsall. The plan is to do midnight to midnight. Dates TBC.

Anyway, I’ll get donation pages set up in the coming weeks, but some of the events I’m planning on holding include:

  • A football tournament (5 / 7 a side)
  • Sweepstakes for major events such as the Qatar World Cup, Wimbledon, Rugby World Cup, and planning on doing one for League Two as well if people would be interested in a season-long one too.
  • Raffles
  • More to be announced.

I’ve spoken to Acorns, and they are happy for us to raise funds for them again, and are happy with the challenge we’ve set.

Catch you all soon!


I haven’t volunteered to do this again but quicker have I, ffs?

Unfortunately your contract is signed and unretractable

Well, if you put it like that fair enough.