Fundraising Game for Tom Bradley

If there were to be a game arranged with the help of the club with a host of ex-players playing, would you attend knowing the admission and money raised at the game would go to Tom Bradley as a thank you for his service?

Please openly discuss.

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yes i would

yes top man saw him privately a long time ago when i played semi pro and was suffering with a bad case of shin splints count me in.

Thought he’d get a testmonial anyway, 30 odd years of service wasn’t it?

Definitely. As long as none of the money goes to the Walsall Supporters Trust like usual fans vs legends games.

Hopefully the club can help out too to get more legends before the Trust jumps all over it and fills it with former youths who played 15 minutes for us.


Leave it to the club to sort.

Cheer up Kev.

Deserves it. I think i probably would go.

Great idea I’d be there

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They would probably invite Cuvelier to play and give him another certificate.

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